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Reviews: The People v. O.J. Simpson - American Crime Story - Episode 2 - The Run of His Life

Posted By themoviesleuth 1320 days ago on Movies - The People v. O.J. Simpson is simply awesome. Heaven knows I'm miserable now. The case of O.J. Simpson continues with another stunning episode. With the true events being played on screen like a pitch perfect rendition of the actual case, this series is proof positive that Ryan Murphy still has a firm grasp on the realm of televised drama. Recapturing the essence of the early '90s with great performances and set design all around, American Crime Story is an intriguing piece of reenacted reality perfectly transposed to the small screen. As relevant as this case is to American culture and the sensibilities of that era, this recreation paints all the real life characters with an emotional core that feels absolutely captivating in its presentation. With a production that's not cutting any corners, the cast here is doing work that will possibly redefine their respective careers. Travolta and Gooding truly push the envelope of their last few years with performances that just may garner them much deserved Emmy nominations. Escaping the last decade of straight to dvd releases, Gooding finally takes control of his career by doing a project that allows him to once again grow as an actor. Travolta feels infused with a newfound energy unlike anything he's done since Pulp Fiction. It's nice see see him get a third chance at being a respected member of the Hollywood community. Adding to the pile is Schwimmer's spot on play as an unhinged Robert Kardashian, fearful of his best friend's fate. ACS is a time capsule look back at a decade lost to racial tensions, huge legal cases, and a broken court system that may have gotten this whole thing wrong (probably not). This show gives viewers a look at the inner workings of how this thing unwound in the judgemental eyes of the public. Whether O.J. was innocent or guilty, we'll never know. but ACS definitely sheds a tensive light on the broad spectrum of this case while never skewering any one element or any one person involved in the events that unfolded. Living through the televised case and hearing about all the criminal fallout that continued to haunt Simpson after the doors slammed shut on his trial, this is an undoubtedly revealing show. ACS shows us the broken man, shamed by the murders and the strange mental breakdown that led him on a whirlwind Ford Bronco chase. No matter what, guilty or not, Murphy is on to something refreshing here. I can't wait to see what happens next. Get in the Bronco! Share this review! Score:-CG

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