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Shopping : Les Petits Joueurs

Posted By carolinestyling 1670 days ago on Fashion - These last few months have seen one of my favourite bag designers arrive to Malta, at Rebelli. In the world of statement bags, Les Petits Joueurs belong to the royal crowd, made of very high quality materials, worn by celebrities and quirky as hell. The brand was born out of a fluke Maria Sole Cecchi was off for a night out when she decided to stick some lego pieces on an old handbag in an attempt to revive it. The idea was an instant hit and she went from designing individual pieces for close friends to owning a dully fledged brand. The lego pieces on the back are actual traademarked LEGO made especially for the bags.If you crave originality and simply want more than the latest designer mongrammed edition, these little beauties are worth checking out. Just remember to take an instasnap - these cute things generate instant smiles.

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