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Should Small Businesses Adopt Cryptocurrencies?

Posted By ivanpw 460 days ago on Business - The ongoing buzz around cryptocurrencies and what they could do for businesses in the future is one that doesn’t look to be dying down any time soon. One of the hot topics in the discussion currently, however, is whether or not small businesses should start to accept cryptocurrencies as payments in the near future. Here, we’re exploring exactly that.
photo credit: Duncan Rawlinson / Flickr
An Introduction To Cryptocurrencies
By definition, a cryptocurrency is a digital currency that relies on encryption techniques to regulate and verify transactions, transfers and the generation of new ‘coins’. This means that the currency should be decentralised, operating entirely separate to any companies, institutions or banks which not only increases security and reduced risk of fraud, but also provide a fast, efficient and low-cost method of payments and transactions.…

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