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Single, Young, And Free: Date Like A Man Live An Happier Life

Posted By Xoreflections89 1144 days ago on Dating - If you know me then you know that I don’t believe in dating multiple men at once. I’m one of those women who strongly believe in dating one guy at a time. However, as I get older I’m starting to see why women date like a man. And why women play, the game like a man. As I come to learn, that just because I chose the man doesn’t mean that he chose me. And if I don’t enjoy my freedom now, then I will always wonder if I pick the right man for me.I’m at the point of my life, where I know that I’m ready for marriage (but I will wait until I meet the right man before I worried about marriage). I know now how important it is for me to date around before I settle down, I was that woman who talk down on other women that date 5 different men at one time. Reason being because they're sleeping with all five men at the same time (don’t ask me how I know that she was sleeping with all five men just know I’m a writer so I know ways to get my information ok). Since then I come to learn that if I don’t date like a man right now, then I will end alone with 6 cats. Men say that they love it when a woman challenge them, and don’t make it too easy for them. But then go cheat on that woman who "challenges" them with a woman that look like she was a member of the gross sister (if you grew up watching proud family then you know what I’m talking about). And ten out of ten when he slept with her not once, did she make you work for yoni (vagina for the none-conscious people who don’t know what I was talking about), but let me get back to the story. Men say that they want an alpha female, but just like women can’t handle a trained alpha male. Men can’t handle a trained alpha woman either. As soon as she shows you, the real deal you start downgrading the woman she is (not once did she lie to you she kept it real with you but you got mad because she beat you to your own game). And try to label her as a hoe because she refuses to wait for you, and let you play games with her heart (but just because you dating around don't mean you can sleep around not all great conversations mean he can taste the juices ladies).It was shown that women who approach a man first end up in more successful relationships, then women who waited for men to approach them. But remember the keyword here "relationship" not marriage. However, in the days we're living in marriage will be non-existence by the time we have kids. Unless we teach them, the importance of marriage. The point is, it nice to wait for a man to come up to approach us. But exactly how long will we wait for our crush to realize that we're in love with them, and the one for them? People have stated, that they settle for their spouse because they were too scared to approach the person they truly wanted to be with. I realized that while I used to pick the man, that man didn’t pick me. He put me through tests that I fail, because after 3 dates I was calling him my boyfriend. Here I am, at 27 finally realizing how powerful it is to just to play the game along with him because I always been the "OK" girl (not the sexual ok girl, "the ok" the girl who got stepped on in most of her relationships). That girl who waited until he got his shit together, the girl who didn't believe in talking to other men but he could talk to other women, and sadly the girl who would text him first; and waited all damn day just for him to say "sup". Now I’m no longer that woman, and now men are trying their best to be my only one (but I’m loving my single life, and there one man that got all of my attention right now........look I’m still a work in progress here).As we're living in different time, we're not our mothers. Back in the day, our fathers knew after one day if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with our mothers, now we damn near have to wait two years for a man to claim us as his girlfriend. Or just to say that we're talking. Yes, I want an alpha male but I shouldn’t have to wait a lifetime for something that I  know eventually that we both will want. Love is something that we shouldn't rush, but we damn sure we shouldn’t wait for it to knock on our door either;or wait for a man to realize that he got a prize right in front of him. I’m finally at a place where that I know what I need, and I know if I don’t put myself out there; and stop waiting for one man to pick me then I will forever be single. As I know a man is supposed to approach me, but if I help him start the car don’t mean I’m helping him drive it. I’m just giving him that extra gas that is missing in him. In 2017 yes, a man supposed to lead and he needs a strong woman next to him to lead, so try something new. Don’t wait another damn year, of your life wondering if you will meet your soulmate. Especially if you know that the man, you want to be with is right in front of you. Damn it even if it just for fun, test that water before you put the hook all the way end. Furthermore, time wait for no man so don’t be standing on the wall mad cause your crush is dancing with a woman that you know will break his heart GO FOR WHAT IS YOURS! (and date around before you give a man all of you).That Is All

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