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Posted By CoreyRhodes 1534 days ago on Poems Poetry - Please be so tender,as I tell you the truth.This happened so fast and it will,crumble to pieces If I'm pinned to the wall.The static is changing,and it's all good so far. But my knuckles are bleeding,from the height of the sound.History’s repeatingif you keep me so far.It's a single confusion,but it's not hard to stand.If you wish to help me,then I think you can. I try to be simple,but I tend to be brash. I try to slow down but I'm moving too fast. With my head on the table,I can't stand it this way. There is a tender screeching,keeps me up at night. I try to keep things simple I try to keep things right. A bitter crossingtaught me to be this way. But when I wake up, it's raining outside.I can't stand the heat, as I look into your eyes,You say 'I think you could be the one.'But when I wake up, and accept true fateAs I look at youand I feel so high like when Jackies on cocaine.You say 'I think you could be the one.'I think your bigger than the sun.  I feel I'm worth like a penny,that's been stomped to the ground.I know there's potential,but there is nothing found.When there's a jeweler,born with crafty hands. Will he learn to use them,or will he stay sad?It's a single confusion,that I can't help to stand. I think that I'm going crazy,that I'm already madI know this will kill me,if I don't watch my backBut if I can trust you,where would I be at now?Remember me

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