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That True Love: Valentine's Day Edition

Posted By Xoreflections89 833 days ago on Dating - So here I am, another valentine’s day single (well I’m dating someone but still single). With this day, less than 6 days away I remember the days when I used to cry and be sad at the fact that I was single on every valentine’s day. I remember being jealous of all the women who had men on this day, they would take pictures and show all the gifts their men got them. And be wishing that I was lucky to have a man that would do the same for me, but now as I get older I realize that now I could have enjoyed valentine’s day even as a single woman. Even without a man, I can still enjoy this day (since we’re dating I told that I didn’t want to celebrate valentine day this year until we were in a relationship cause I’m not buying no man no more gifts without a title I learned my lesson on that mistakes and that another story for another day). I realize there is some truth that women give this day so much power, when you have a good man every day is valentine’s day but you can’t tell some women that (women will say bullshit but hear me out). In fact, they will act like I sounds crazy by saying this but if I have a man that loves me every day like it his last then valentine’s day wouldn’t mean anything to me.Since valentine’s day fall under the season of “cuffing season”, that why I always look at this day with the side eye. Are you really in love, or are you looking for another gift? I asked this because so many people claim to have “trust issues”, so how do those trust issues go out the windows when valentine day come around? And as we know this is also the last holiday of cuffing season, which mean you will find out where your relationship stand on this faithful day. To me I already look at valentine’s day being for the true couple, those couple who been through hell and back. Those couple who made it another year, after there were time where they wanted to walk away cause the shit was hard. They deserve this day, because they show that the love they for each other is worth saving they willing to go through the storms that real couple go threw to be together. And I’m not talking about we been together 6 months’ couple, no I’m talking about those 8 years plus couple who damn near walk away from the relationship last year but stayed because of the loyalty they have for each other. They show what true love is all about, threw the good; and bad and willing to fight for the love they have for each other.And before you “6 to 9 months” couples come for me, understand what the point I’m trying to make here. I’m not saying your love isn’t real, hell I seen couple who get married after 3 months (they get divorced after 3 years but they still got married). I’m saying if your relationship has not been threw the true testaments like a couple that been together for years then valentine’s day is the last day you both should be worried about, you must ask yourself these questions: can your spouse make a joke about you without you crying; and not speaking to him for days on days in? Can you trust your spouse without calling them time on time end to see what they doing, and what friends they hanging out with? And you trust him enough not to get mad at him when a woman like his pictures or when he like another woman pictures other than your own on social media and vice versa? And did the relationship make it the full 6 to 9 months, or did you two break up in the first three months together then got back together four weeks later? If not then no you don’t deserve a valentine’s day, you need to take this time to build the foundations in your relationship. I’m not saying that couple that been together for years, haven’t been in your shoes before. I’m saying that they took the time to work on their relationship, and I’m sure that valentine’s day wasn’t on their minds when they were working on their relationships. However, I’m not saying that you don’t deserve anything either maybe some roses; or a small gift and maybe even a small dinner. But as far as an extravagant over the top type gift, no your relationship is not at the level for that type of gift so soon in your relationship. Especially if you know that this will not heal the problems in your relationship, and there a possibility that you two will break- up again shortly after this day pass.Like I said earlier, most women won’t agree with me and say that this is my opinion only. You can say that, and I will agree with you (even though I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person that feel this way but I take it). This day supposed to bring joy to everyone, but tell so many relationship truths that we don’t want to face at that time. As a woman who being single every valentine’s day since I knew about valentine’s day, I get the fuss of it hell I’m sure that I will hope for a text on that faithful day. But I come to terms that I don’t want to celebrate this day, until I know that the love is real I want to share this day with my true love who will love this day on the same level as me. That what makes this day special, I don’t want to remind a man that this is day is special I want a man who already knows that this day is special. And until I meet him I will treat this day like it just another day, and celebrate the ones who have found true love even if the love is just 6 months old (yes, I threw shade). My day will come soon I can feel it, but as I always say what do I know I’m just here to drop some knowledge on my journey of selfThat Is All

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