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The Child: Entry 33

Posted By CoreyRhodes 1642 days ago on Poems Poetry - Previously on The Child:Entry 32When I finished the first section, I looked up from the small manuscript titled 'The Child’ to see Ville's father looking at me with his arms crossed. 'Can you somewhat understand us now Emery?' He said. I scratched my head a little and responded.'So what happened next Mr. Halstein?''Please, call me Franz, only my business partners call me Mr. As for The Child, it goes on about the Delecroix family and their legacy that was made by his mother.''His mother?' I asked. 'Yeah. You will read about it when you get further down. The Child, much like yourself, was able to attract the box into his grasp and change its form to what he wanted. This brought up great stress in the Coram Morte so they plotted to sacrifice him. His mother ended up taking his place seconds before the initial blow and he just disappeared from out of her arms with no trace.''So in a way, I'm The Child?' Franz laughed.'No. The child was never immaculated and this was a dozen centuries ago. You are aging also which makes you like him but once your immaculated, there's no way out, so that would be impossible. I personally think you are a relative of his; we've never met another Delacroix till today since a couple years after that day but there are more important things to focus on right now. Ville's mother and my wife, Hellena, has been searching for the box for a very long time and because of that she will grant you much gratitude but if she is to ever find out that you're a Delacroix, you must run. She will stop at nothing to kill off the Delacroix's because she doesn't want anything to happen like from before. She believes that The Child managed to do what he did was of evil. We believe he created Wretched.''Wretched? Who is Wretched?' I asked. 'It is believed that Wretched was a stain in the immaculation process that was created by The Child to get back at his mothers death. He has stained the blood of all who had been immaculated and because of him we must rid him of our bodies every fortnight. Ville told me that you saw him do this first hand?''I guess I did.' I answered. 'I didn't really know what he was doing but all that black thick liquid, that was Wretched?'I wouldn't say it was him in the stain but it is exactly what he is made out of. If there is anything under his blackness then it is unknown to us but there is but there is something that requires our immediate attention.' Frank got up closer to me and whispered into my ear. 'I fear that Hellena is going to exile Ville once she gets her hands on the box, she thinks he has betrayed her. Well, he has but that's not the point, we need Ville here, without him she will find out you're a Delacroix sooner than thought but the question isn't if but when. You must leave this tower before Ville comes back, go to floor 61 B and talk to my daughters, they are aware of this also, we need more time.' Franz shooed me out of the room he was in and pushed me into the hallway and pointed to the transportation room—or elevator—that got me up here in the first place. If I would have known what to be exactly expecting I would have treaded more lightly but now that everything is spinning into motion the only thing I can do is just to move forward. At least I'm not some chosen one, I am though, one of a few I guess. If everything was put on my shoulders I wouldn't be sure how far I would get but on the bright side if I die tragically from an incoming bus or step in the way of a speeding bullet, all would not be lost. Just find someone else they would say. What do they even need me for? They want the box not me, I won't get in there way. All this talk of immortality and being a different kind of human just on the kind of the blood you have kind of makes my life seem so much less significant, like I don't matter in the grand scheme of things but with everything I've been told, there may be something that they aren't telling me about. Something that puts me into the mix greatly. That they hide from my view just to protect me, like I am some chosen one—as stupid that sounds. What of Ville? How did he betray his mother and where does The Family fit in with all of this? What even got this started? Oh yes, Frankie Frank and Suzie, what of them? Like they knew who I was before I even showed my face. I'm a Delacroix, there are plenty more who have my last name isn't there? Franz did say its been centuries. Maybe I'm the last of a dying breed? It would make sense because my father always kept me sheltered from the world but then why would he let me go so easily? Why didn't Suzie pursue her hopes and dreams? That's the question that started everything and am I even closer to finding the answer? I don't think so, not even to the slightest. If only I had forgiven my father and remained with him then none of this would have happened then where would I be at? I guess it was destiny that landed me here and it's curiosity that's continually pushing me forward. What if I was to be immaculated? Up next in The Child:Entry 34Remember me

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