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The Ultimate Guide to Do Follow or No Follow Links on Your Blog

Posted By Ileane 1521 days ago on Blog Tips - Do you give do follow or no follow links on your blog? What does that mean and how does it impact your blog's page rank? In this episode of the podcast I go into some detail on this topic. Do Follow links are an indication that a webmaster or blogger endorses the site that they are linking to. This sends a signal to the search engines (like Google) that the link is valuable and there is some page rank or "link juice" that will flow from the site to the site that it's linking to. Surprising, the majority of the links on the internet are Do Follow!CLICK HERE TO TWEET THIS POST!In around 2005, Google introduced the No Follow attribute which basically means that even though one site is linking to another, there is no endorsement and no page rank flows to the other site. The link essentially drops out of the link graph.However, this does not mean that getting a NoFollow link is the end of the world. PEOPLE will still click on the link and the link can still send traffic to your site.To illustrate Google's views on Do Follow and No Follow link attributes I put together a playlist from the Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel. Watch Matt Cutts responds to questions from webmasters about links. Sites mentioned in this episode: Hot Blog Tips+Brian D. Hawkins +Sheryl Loch +Mitch Mitchell +Andy Bailey +Matt Cutts DisqusLivefyreWant to know how to find Do Follow blogs to comment on? Find out where to find them and how to know if ANY blog is using Do Follow or No Follow. For more tips subscribe to my email list and click here for:The Ultimate Do Follow Cheat Sheet Guide The Ultimate Do Follow Cheat Sheet Guide from Ileane Smith

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