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Time to Love Your Writer’s Block (Seriously)

Posted By BryanPositiveWriter 1786 days ago on Writing - Is it time for you to love your writer’s block? What? Are you crazy? Okay, maybe not love it. I mean, writer’s block is a terrible thing. It likes to sit between you and a deadline. Between you and finishing your first manuscript. Or between you and the publisher’s advance upon delivery of the second book


Something I noticed lately is that the traffic I am getting from Blogengage has died down to very, very little. I'm getting more from sites that have no fee and wondering if the monthly fee here is still worth it. I'm debating. I do realize there's probably more work on my part that could be done over here, but then again that's why I decided to pay for a service because I didn't want to spend too much time doing extra work. Spending half on boosting a post via Facebook is providing more click throughs with about the same amount of work, although each post needs its own ad. Hmmm debating...

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