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Top 4 Mobility Scooter Attachments

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - Wheelchair accessories have been created specifically to improve your quality of life: they are useful, facilitate your mobility and independence and, ultimately, provide you with a good dose of comfort. Choosing them depends on the needs of each individual and, of course, a lot of brands have risen up to the challenge of maximizing the benefits of mobile devices and gadgets.

But is the electric mobility scooter easy and convenient?

One of the most significant attributes of an electric mobility scooter is control and steering. There is generally done by the handlebars and are very similar or analogous to the function of the handlebars in bikes. This is best recommended for individuals who are not suffering or afflicted from a limited range of motion on the upper body.


The use of electric mobility scooters allows persons with limited movement to travel and commute around with various speeds in a variety of settings. You can make use of this electric alternative of transportation going through streets, steeply inclined roads, or rough grounds. Plus, there are certain mobility scooter attachments that can be latched into the vehicle to it into something so convenient like a basic trailer or more high tech ones.


There are personal mobility scooters which suit various budget for individuals with limited movement. You will surely find a model that will be available in the market, Prices may range from $900.00 to as much as $4,000 dollars.


For more added convenience and comfort, there are certain mobility scooter attachments that can bring more comfort, ease, and speed to it. That’s why you need foldable electric scooter attachments are better to be a lightweight folding e-scooter.


In this post, we came up with some of the best mobility scooter attachments that we are offering. This article that I am going to share with you will include the best electric scooter attachments including lightweight and compact ones that you can buy in 2020!

According to KarmanHealth , the developments and advancements in the use of personal mobility devices have grown in the past years. These included items like electrical power mobility, scooter, and even power wheelchairs. This has given the elderly and those with limited body movement ease, comfort, convenience, and freedom.


Mobility Scooters have different types:

Below are some of the types of mobility scooters available in the market. You can choose from different designs, enhancements, attachments and style: 


3 Wheel Mobility Scooters – These specific type of mobility scooter is known for its better handling feature with restricted quarters. The leg rooms allows the rider to maneuver the scooter better.

4 Wheel Mobility Scooters – this is highly recommended for bearing the weight of a rider up to 500 lbs. It provides added sturdiness and stability as well as mobility.

Compact scooters – are perfect for those people who bring a lot of items with them during a ride with its storage space. It is also foldable so you can take it with you anywhere you may think of. You simply put it inside your van or back of the car.

Your electric mobility scooter or electric wheelchair attachment of choice can render reliable and affordable alternatives in your daily commute using buses, trams, trains, and buses. On the other hand, electric scooters are easy and convenient to use. That is the reason why you need to have a foldable electric scooter. This design is really lightweight and can be brought anywhere even when commuting in and around public transportations.

FireFly Wheelchair Scooter Attachment, 36V/6.6Ah Battery, Up To 24km Range

Regular price $3,750.00

The FireFly Electric Wheelchair Scooter Attachment can definitely help people with limited mobility to regain their freedom and independence. They can travel and commute to various settings. All you have to do is simply attach this scooter attachment and you will surely transform your wheelchair into a powerful one. This model has a removable lithium-ion battery which is lightweight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



Top speed

19km per hour

Speed limiter

included in LCD Display


lithium ion, 36V, 6.6AH, 238 Wh

Battery Range:

>24 km


36V, 2A output



Charging Time:

~4 hours if battery is fully discharged


350W, 36V geared brushless hub motor


140mm disc brake w/ locking lever Promax V-brake

Frame Aluminum



12.5″ X 2.25″ (62-203)



Attachment Frame Weight:

2.6 kg

Drive Unit Weight:

6.5 kg

Battery Weight:

2.0 kg

Total Weight with Battery:

10.9 kg

Maximum Weight:

127 kg (combined)

Shipping Dimensions:

36” x 9” x 13” / 93cm x 22cm x 32cm

Shipping Weight:

14.5 kg


Gilani Engineering GEWP-03 Wheelchair Attachment

Regular price $3,190.00

The GEWP-03 by Gilani Engineering is one powerful electric wheelchair attachment to reckon. It comes with midcycle disc brakes and suspension.  It comes with waterproof wires so you can use it even on rainy days. It is totally foldable and you can bring it anywhere with you. Plus, it is universal and can be latched into different types of wheelchair.




48V 500W Brushless Gear motor


48V 13Ah Lithium Battery


12 inch


20 kg including battery

Max speed


Range for each charge:

60KM ( Loading 80KG)

Speed level:

5 levels

Reverse Speed

3-8 km/ha



Max Cross height:

10 cm


10000 hours working life


Motorcycle disc brake


With suspension


Waterproof wires



For wheelchair type Universal



Gilani Engineering GEWP-02 Pro Wheelchair Attachment

Regular price $1,590.00

The Gilani Engineering GEWP-02 wheelchair attachment can definitely provide a better quality of life through improved mobility. This attachment comes with various functions like On/ Off headlight, Battery power Display, Speed Display, Distance Display,5 Speed level, and amazing built-in LED light.



36V 350W gearless brushless Aluminum-alloy hub motor


16" x 2.125" pneumatic tire


16" Steel


Electronic and Disc brake

Max speed


Reverse Speed


Battery Silverfish type:

36V 10.4 Ah Lithium battery, Bottle type: 36V 10.4Ah (weight 3.3 Kg)

Max Cross height:

20Km ( 10% hills, 70tcqddkg carry ), the bigger battery offers a longer range.]]]]


AC 85V-240V 50Hz/60Hz 2A (CE Rohs Cert)

Charging time:

5 - 6 Hours

Max load weight:

100KG (Depends on the wheelchair structure)


Total weight 14kg without battery (17.5kg with battery)

Obstacle crossing:


Gross bumps ability:


Climbing ability:

8 deg

Min turning radius



Gilani Engineering Smart Power Assist Wheelchair Attachment

Regular price $2,890.00

This smart and practical power-assist will allow any wheelchair user to maximize mobility and freedom. This is extremely lightweight which allows movements easily making it more compatible with the active and outdoor lifestyle. The keypad which comes along with it allows it to be conveniently turned on and off as well as to reduce the speed. You can explore ramps, hills, and carpets as well as long distances.



8-inch brushless universal wheel motor


aluminum alloy


24V lithium battery


wired remote control



Maximum operating current:



6.6Ah Lithium-ion



Control system:

the use of an intelligent self-help force system.


I: 2.5-5km/h; II:2.5-8km/h




suitable for ordinary wheelchairs, easy to assemble and disassemble.


What to Look For Mobility Scooter Attachments?


Choose those attachments that will increase and improve your level of independence and mobility. There are models that come with power assistance. This will significantly reduce the number of times you will need someone to push you to kick start your day. Eventually, this will lessen the pain, discomfort, swelling, and fatigue that you will experience around the arms and shoulders. This would also mean that you can get in and out on your own most of the time with the use of the mobility attachments.


A powerful wheelchair attachment can make a difference in improving your sense of independence. Find a model with a very powerful and reliable power assist. This will allow you to go through steep sidewalks and ramps. Look for anti-rollback that will allow you to go uphill without any assistance.


Easy installation of the mobility attachment is a must. Your wheelchair attachment must be readily accessible. The installation should be as easy as the breeze.


Choose a model that is lightweight and can be attached easily without the help of others.


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