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TV Reviews: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 - The Red Woman

Posted By themoviesleuth 907 days ago on Movies - Our new writer, Liam delivers a quick review with his thoughts on the Game of Thrones premiere.I hope you have no trouble with villainous gingers. After a year’s worth of frenzied speculation about the fate of characters, rumors, casting, alleged set pictures, and leaks, Game of Thrones has finally returned.  The battle for the Iron Throne continues as the creators continue their battle find a way to tell a story that has managed to move ahead of its source material. Game of Thrones follows the tremendous and shocking finale of last season with an episode that manages to address the questions that were set up and leaves the viewer with just as many going forward. “The Red Woman” had a lot of fan and critical expectations to deal with, as most shows would following an episode like “Mother’s Mercy”.  I don’t envy their position.  The creators of this show were in a delicate place. This episode has a lot to answer and set up, even without having to juggle the dozens of characters who are on this show and where they are in an hour of television. The last season of this show was not as great as it could have been and led to a lot of people wondering whether they should keep going. Done wrong, this episode could have been a total cluster fuck that angers both viewers and critics, the moment where Game of Thrones jumped the shark. Thankfully, the naysayers were wrong. Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have managed to do a solid job of addressing the questions posed by last season’s finale and of setting up the rest of the season. The direction and visual effects of the episode are great and manages to maintain the visual world that has been established by the show.  The performances and characters are just as engaging as ever, especially Peter Dinklage and Carice Van Houten. What is clear from this episode is that the creators are now emboldened by the freedom of not having fans know what is coming next.   Like most great season premieres, I finished the episode hungry to know what happens next. Share this review, dragon master. Score-Liam S. O'Connor

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