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What I'm loving and Have a Pinteresting Day: The one with Game of Thrones and Taquitos

Posted By Laura 1053 days ago on Blogging - It's time for my favorite blog hop of the week...mine!  What I'm Loving and Have a Pinteresting Wednesday where you get to share all the amazing things you are loving this week and all the great things you pinned!  What I'm Loving: *I finally got my sign made for the chicken coop door.   I used a rainbow selection of Unicorn SPiT on this and totally love it.   Now to be fair, I didn't go crazy customizing it.  I just made sure to water seal it with outdoor sealer and moved on after the writing and a little stencil action.  The chicks seem to love it.  The Chick Inn*I have needed a haircut since about a month after my wedding.  For those keeping score at home, I got married 9/13/14.  That's a long time to put of getting a trim.My new haircut *I found this picture of Sadie on the Facebook account I keep saying I am going to delete.  Here is the problem, it has all the great photos.  SIGH.Sadie Kisses *Alright, so my hubby introduced me to Scott and Jennifer about 18 months ago and since that time they have become special friends of mine but more importantly, Scott and Jennifer and I keep each other apprised of the unmarked sales at WINCO.   I am loving the 3/4 inch pork chops we got for 99 cents a pound last weekend.   I wish you could see how beautiful these things are! Pig is good *Game of Thrones:The Coldplay Video, It's 12 minutes long but awesome!Does this show just make everyone go "Oh. My. Gawd!" every single week or is it just me?   I have to admit, I am in total love with John Snow but aside from that....Oh. My. Gawd! Bad Lip Reading. So I love Game of Thrones so much that I spent lunch yesterday looking at videos. And this Seth Meyer video just makes me laugh.   I can't help it. Winter is coming! Have a Pinteresting Day!Yesterday I told you how Texas was having a major meltdown over the loss of these:Source For Whataburger Taquitos Honestly, I don't get it because I cook better than every fast food place I have ever eaten and my husband makes better hamburgers than pretty much anyone I have ever met....but I promised I would share pins with a recipe so here they are and frankly, I think they all look better than Whataburger, especially that one with the avocado! YUM!!!! Source Source SourceKeeping with the food theme here are a few other things I have pinned:SourceI am dying to make some pork carnitas.  I mean....oh my!And for those of you who just can't fathom life without 2am taquitos, put the beer down and pull out a pan of this from the fridge to microwave:SourceSourceSourceAnd if all that doesn't do it, I even have a recipe for this: Sourceyep, homemade poptarts! Alright it is your turn.  What are you loving and what have you pinned?   Grab the button, click the link your blog and let's have some fun!  Enjoy the Ride!


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