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What is Clairaudience?

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Clairaudience, also known as clear hearing, is the inherent ability to hear what is beyond the standard human capability. In other words, it is the ability to listen to supernatural happenings in one’s surrounding. That said, most people consider the element as a psychic gift. A perfect example of is the aspect is the hearing of abnormal sounds such as a water drop sound in a room with no water. Other individuals experience the supernatural happening in the form of people’s voices when they are alone in a room. Most times, clairaudient situations happen in silent places. However, according to evidence-based research, some people have the clairaudient moments even in environments full of destructions such a traffic noise and rowdy crowds, among others. The primary reason behind clairaudient moments is the wish of heavenly and ancestral spirits to have meaningful conversations and connections with specific people. In religion, people perceive clairaudient individuals as unique souls used by God to relay messages to believers. Before going into more details, below is a short real-life story a spiritual happening.
Real-Life Story
Nina, an eight-year-old girl, once woke up in the middle of the night to her bed shaking. Usually, that would be a scary experience for any human being. Surprisingly, Nina showed no signs of fear. Instead, she got annoyed that whatever was happening in her room was disrupting her sleep. She immediately shouted, “Stop!”, and the shaking stopped. The creepiest part about her encounter is that she had a voice say, “sorry,” coming from under her bed. Before she resumed with her sleep, she smelled intense smoke coming from the living room, and it turned out that her home was in flames. That day, she saved her parent’s lives as she woke them up before it got too late. Perhaps, that spiritual moment geared towards warning Nina about the tragedy.
Signs of Clairaudience
It turns out that people may have a supernatural gift but are unaware. Suppose you experience abnormal situations that you do not understand, here are the most common signs to watch out for that associate with clear hearing.
It is typical for people to have conversations with themselves. However, when it comes to clear hearing, the experience is different. Normal self-conversations involve asking your mind questions and trying to come up with answers. Many times, people end up making bad decisions when they converse with their inner self.
On the other hand, clairaudient people have true conversations with themselves. Whatever goes on in their minds does not associate with any negative feeling such as anger, frustration, jealousy, or mere assumptions. Such people make the right decisions after talking with themselves. In such cases, there is a presence of a spirit that guides their thoughts.
Hearing of Strange Whispers
Hearing strange noises is one of the most popular signs that you have the gift of clairaudience. If and individual experiences such for the first time, the high chances are that he or she will think there is a need for mental treatment. However, that may not be the present case. One should not develop fear during such circumstances. While it may be reasonable to have intense fear for things that are beyond human understanding, a person should take time to know what is behind the happenings in their surroundings. You may hear voices of a conversing group, which means that you are in the presence of a group of different spirits and they are trying to deliver a message. Another perfect example is the sound of radio waves when there is no radio around that environment. A smooth voice trying to talk to you, asking questions or calling out your name is also a sign of clear hearing.
Sensitivity to Music
Everyone loves good music, and that is why there are billions of music tracks created by artists around the globe. However, people with clairaudient powers have a deep connection to music. They can notice the tiniest details about music that the average person rarely recognizes or understand. There are many several instances artists dreaming about a melody or hearing a persistent tune in their ears and writing actual songs that blend in perfectly. Such individuals are more than songwriters or artists. They possess a gift which drives them to deliver messages from the spiritual world in the form of music. Also, it is essential to note that most people that possess the unique ability have an intense connection with smooth music that is soothing to the ear and the soul.

Imaginary Friends 
Imaginary friends are popular when a clairaudient individual is in the early stages of life. Children born with the spiritual ability will start showing signs of it by interacting with beings that an average person cannot see. If a parent is not keen enough, he or she may miss the episodes when a child is having deep conversations with an imaginary person or people. Some may mistake the experiences for typical childhood phases.
Nevertheless, if a parent is observant of a child most times, he or she may have a chance of differentiating typical child behavior from spiritual encounters. In conjunction with that, a newborn can also have a clairaudient experience, even if they cannot converse. For instance, a newborn resting alone in a room happens to stretch a hand to a specific direction and begins to smile or struggle to utter words. That is a case of clairaudience, where the baby sees a spirit in the form of a human figure. Religious individuals believe that such circumstances associate with guardian angels protecting the new. Adults having imaginary friends may be mistaken for having mental health complications, but the behavior of a mentally ill individual and that of a clairaudient person differ with a significant margin. 
Love for Quiet Environment
An average person appreciates a quiet environment depending on the existing situation. For instance, one may need silence to concentrate on work, studies, a meeting, group discussion, and crucial interpersonal communication, among others. Concerning individuals who possess the psychic-related ability, a quiet environment is a vital part of life. You may mistake them for introverts, but the two groups are very distinct. A clairaudient person treasures silence that a normal conversation between two extra people in the room may be challenging to withstand. That fact proves problematic for most of the families that have special folks. The earlier a family understands that a loved one possesses such a sensitive ability, the better every family member will learn to embrace the way of life of the clairaudient individual.
Excellent Guide
A fact about clairaudient individuals is that they are brilliant at advising on any aspect of life. A person that possesses the gift is the best to approach when facing any kind of difficulty that life unleashes. The reason behind that is, the heavenly spirits still guide them to do amazing things in another people’s life. If one asks a clairaudient person how he or she manages to give great advice, the high chances are that the individual will not know the correct answer. Keep in mind that such people are very different from professional advisers. Professional counselors acquire their ability through education or long-term experience in the field.
On the other hand, folks who possess clairaudience give pieces of advice based on what their connection with the spiritual world brings out at a time. In short, the gifted individual may not have any planned thoughts regarding your situation. But once you approach him or her with your problems, you may be surprised at the answer you get, which seems to have come out of nowhere.
Brilliant Idealist
A common belief is that there is a strong connection between nature and human life. From a religious perspective, supernatural beings created the world for human beings to use it to their advance. Hence, it is no secret that clairaudient individuals are magnificent when it comes to ideas that gear towards improving circumstances of life. When it comes to solving problems, including moments when nothing seems to save a situation, gifted individuals tend to provide the best solutions. Most times, their ideas work in one way or another. The thoughts manifest when one is in a relaxed state. According to several confessions from psychic beings, they get ideas mostly when they are taking showers, driving, grooming, or meditating.
A Comforter
When one is clairaudient, calmness is a character that is part of the individual. The person does not have to announce to the public that he or she can be an excellent source of comfort. However, people will somehow approach such a person when they need a listening ear and a shoulder to lay their heads. Guardian angels or other protective spirits likely use the power of the psychic to draw people closer to them. When one receives comforting words or behavior from clear hearing being, the high chances are that they are interacting with spirit guides and angels unknowingly.
Hearing of Footstep-like Noises
Spirits do walk among the living. When it comes to moments when they need one’s attention, they will make their presence known to people. The hearing of footsteps when there is no one else in the room is a typical encounter. The spirits know that such a paranormal-like happening will capture someone’s attention. According to real-life stories, the sound of footsteps mostly begins close to where one is standing or sitting, the starts getting distant. Often, that means a spirit guide needs the individual to follow the sound until where the noise stops. At that point, the heavenly guide may have had the intention to reveal something that is a steppingstone regarding handling a circumstance.
Developing and Improving your Clairaudience
Though most clairaudient people are born with a unique sense, the psychic ability can also be acquired by practicing several skills. Below are some ways that one can develop clairaudience.
Quiet your Mind
Clairaudience requires a relaxed state of mind. The body, soul, and mind need to be in their calmest state. You can only recognize the voice of the spirits when there are no destructions in your environment. One should master the art of silencing their minds even when there are a lot of things going on in one’s life. Keep in mind that spirit guides deliver messages gently and compassionately. If you have so many thoughts that seem like noise in your mind, you will miss what the spirits are trying to say. In conjunction with that, find time to meditate every day. You can do so using soft music, spoken meditations, or silent meditation. The more you create time for reflection, the more you will improve your psychic senses.

Focus on Unusual Sounds
The typical sounds that you hear in your environment do not represent the presence of spiritual elements. As you silence your mind, pay attention to all the sounds that you never hear. You will need to do this in a tranquil environment to avoid destruction caused by typical sounds of the environment. Sound that you may need to pay attention to include humming, buzzing from a distance, trickling of water, and the sound of ocean waves, among others. At times, even your breathing can signify the presence of a spiritual element trying to connect with you.
Pay Attention to Environment
Clairaudient episodes do not only happen in the form of weird sounds but also visible happenings. That said, you should develop a habit of paying attention to every detail that happens in your immediate environment. For example, a sudden gentle flickering of a light bulb may symbolize the presence of a heavenly spirit or an angel watching over your actions. Another example is the opening of a door when there is no one else in the room or wind that causes the event. Every tiny detail about your visible environment can be a channel through which the spiritual world tries to connect with you.
While some consider clear-hearing abilities creepy, others use that power as the foundation of controlling what happens in their lives. Clairaudience can result in many positive changes in your life. Unlike others who are taking actions based on their notions; you are doing things as guided by your team of spirits. With that in mind, you ought to embrace your clairaudient ability and use it to your advantage. You are likely to be of great help to yourself and others. Do not be afraid when you begin noticing weird episodes. Listen because you may be in the presence of a powerful spiritual element that has a deep connection with your life and destiny.

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