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Why You Should Start a Second Blog on Blogger

Posted By Ileane 1402 days ago on Blog Tips - WordPress is the #1 blogging platform of choice for many bloggers including myself. But in this episode I'll share with you, why I chose Blogger as the platform for the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast blog.Question - Is it time for you to start a SECOND blog?When it was time for me to find a home for this podcast I had to decide where I would host the blog. Since I already have a thriving and successful, self-hosted WordPress blog, I didn't want to add the podcast to that site because of branding issues. After all this podcast is Ms. Ileane Speaks and my WordPress blog is Basic Blog Tips and the two brands don't mesh together seamlessly. After careful consideration I decided to use Google's Blogger platform and in this episode I talk about my reasons for coming to this conclusion. Here's what I discuss:Why I'm Using Google's Blogger Platform for this Podcast's Blog1. Integration with Google + including @ mentions of profiles2. Libsyn's "On Publish" podcasting feature works with Blogger which I first heard about from +Ray Ortega in an interview on The Podcasters Studio with +Rob Walch 3. Blogger's built in mobile template4. Drag and Drop layout customization5. Google Analytics integration6. Social Sharing options without plugins7. Uploading images from Smart Phones8. Consistent "Up time" and no plugin conflicts with platform updates9. It's FREE!All in all, I think that anyone who is addicted to blogging like I am should consider starting a second (or ancillary) blog with Google's Blogger platform.Will you consider starting a second blog in 2014?iTunes or Stitcher

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