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Thanks for sharing this! I really appreciated your thoughts on concept validation. I think you'd love my post on the #1 Rule to Branding Yourself - it ties into your article nicely! Check it out here:

Thanks for sharing this! Positive affirmations are great, especially during this time. I appreciate you compiling this list! I have a few points in my blog post about finding "true north" that I think tie in well with positive affirmations. You can check it out here:

Great article! Self expression is something I am really passionate about, especially when it comes to finding your brand and following your own path. Your post actually ties in very nicely with a recent blog post of mine about finding your "true north" here:

Appreciate your thoughts!

Thanks for sharing this! I've worked on many different iterations of website for years. Having a killer landing page can make all the difference! I share a few thoughts on branding in one of my blog posts. I think you'd like them! Check it out here:

Great article! I like to consider brand building my bread and butter, but not just any type of brand building, brand building that truly reflects your true north and truly speaks to you and what you're all about. I really enjoyed your post, and thought you might like my recent post on branding "The #1 Rule to Branding & Why It's So Hard to Pull Off" here:

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