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Drone Washing a Car! -Ridiculous and Dangerous

Posted By wetalkuav on Blogging - Well now we have seen it all: drones that are starting to replace the most mundane of all. Some have been shooting roman candles. Others are required to carry a six pack of beer. I have seen drones exercise dogs and one even went so far as to pick up a dog and fly away […]The post Drone Washing a Car! -Ridiculous and Dangerous appeared first on WeTalkUAV.

American Eagle Adds Two New Meal Options

Posted By jlarounis on Travel - Via, American Eagle flight attendant Outarde4 on Instagram, there’s two new American Eagle food enter items we can look forward to in First Class. Keep in mind, meals on American Eagle in First Class are served on flights long than 900 miles during traditional meal window times. Charcuterie Plate Including: Side salad Side dessert Charcuterie plate ... [Continue reading]The post American Eagle Adds Two New Meal Options appeared first on The Forward Cabin.

Level Up – DVD Review

Posted By BlazingMinds 1352 days ago on Entertainment - Level Up takes one 20 something that has no motivation in life and his hard working girlfriend and throws them into a very fast paced action and high-concept adrenaline race through London to save a life! Matt (Josh Bowman – Revenge) and his girlfriend, Anna (Leila Mimmack – TV’s Home Fires) go out on aThe post Level Up – DVD Review appeared first on Blazing Minds.

Top 10 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - With unlimited information becoming available with the click of a mouse, internet users have lost their patience, when it comes to waiting for a WordPress blog to load. If a page is taking too long to become legible, most internet users will move on to the next page that offers similar information, news, views, images or whatever else they are seeking. Therefore, if you want to capture your audience long enough for them to read what you have to say, you need to not only make sure that your blog is attractive to look at but that it loads quickly, before you lose a prospective reader.

The good news is that there are some easy tips and tricks that you can use to maximize the speed of your WordPress blog. Let me take you through a tour of the 10 best ways to speed up your blog. Some of thes
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e tricks are so simple that they might seem obvious to some of you but all of them work brilliantly when it comes to reducing the page load time.

Median Household Income Back on the Rise in the US

Posted By fthead9 1343 days ago on Finance - It’s been a long road to recovery for the U.S. economy following the banking crisis and recession of the past decade but there are some new reasons to be hopeful. Last year the median household income in the United States rose to $56,516. Not only does that represent a 5.2% lift from 2014 but also marks […]The post Median Household Income Back on the Rise in the US appeared first on Dyer News.

7 Essential WordPress Plugins That Will Get You More Traffic Instantly

Posted By 99signals 1342 days ago on Blogging - WordPress powers 25% of all websites in the world. Its immense popularity is not just because it’s so easy to use, but because it offers a plethora of useful plugins which allow you to add complex scripts to your site with the click of a button. With so many plugins to choose from, selecting the right plugins […]The post 7 Essential WordPress Plugins That Will Get You More Traffic Instantly appeared first on 99signals.