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Upcoming News

Feminist Fiction Writers: Dorothy Parker

Posted By LaurelLit 88 days ago on Writing - If “A Phone Call” was the only story by Dorothy Parker that you ever read, you might dismiss her as frivolous. It would be easy to overlook the commentary on gender dynamics, or the skilled, biting humor that is grounded in self-deprecation, and which layers a profound sadness underneath. “A Telephone Call” is a tragi-comic rambling of a woman so desperate for a man to call her that she’s pushed to the edge. But if you consider that it was written in 1930, when women were expected to b [...]

Feminist Fiction Writers: Sara Orne Jewett

Posted By LaurelLit 125 days ago on Writing - Sara Orne Jewett was a turn-of-the-century novelist, poet, and short fiction writer, known especially for emphasizing nature and descriptions of coastal Maine in her work. Two pieces she is most well known for are: A White HeronandThe County of Pointed FirsIn The County of Pointed Firs, Jewett inserts throughout a dueling yet complementary sense of loss and perseverance. The rural town setting of coastal Maine drives the piece, and the environment is as harsh and unforgiving as it is b [...]

Homemade/Home-Grown Pasta Sauce & Mystic Pizza

Posted By LaurelLit 160 days ago on Writing - There's nothing more natural than making a homemade/home-grown pasta sauce on a steamy August afternoon. Do you disagree? Well, consider the bounty of our backyard garden, and maybe you'll understand. We had many, many tomatoes, and an embarrassment of basil and blue sage.  I decided I couldn't let it all go to waste, and after pursuing various pasta recipes on the web, I came up with my own way to combine the ingredients. I think it turned out pretty well, beca [...]

Write up of the Write Up: Allure Beauty Box 5/21

Posted By LaurelLit 246 days ago on Writing - I'm big into box subscriptions, but as I do not  profess to be a lifestyle blogger and instead blog about anything that has to do with reading or writing, I thought I'd take a different angle with my box subscription. I'm not going to give you a review of the products that came in Allure's May beauty box; instead I'm giving you a rundown of how these products are written about by Allure's writers, contributors, and editors. ​In addition to the products in each month's box, there is a [...]

The "Write" Time?

Posted By LaurelLit 281 days ago on Writing - Lately, I've been looking for a sign that I should my job of 21 years, complete my MFA in creative writing, and have time to develop and promote my novels and my blog. To some, this may seem like a no-brainer. If I can afford to do it (which I can) I should go for it, because life is short and opportunities to follow our dreams are limited.But my job isn't just a "job", nobody's is when they're a teacher. The school where I teach, the community it is in, the students & staff - they're [...]

The Toxic Reality of the Female Villain

Posted By LaurelLit 296 days ago on Writing - A short while back, I was watching Tell Me All Your Secrets on Amazon Prime, which is a really good show that I recommend. Here’s the premise: a youngish woman (played by Lily Rabe) gets out of jail on the witness protection program. Her ex-boyfriend is a convicted serial killer and there are still several missing girls the authorities believe he might have been murdered, so Lily Rabe’s job is to help with that and tell them whatever she can. Meanwhile, the mother (played by A [...]

Shonda Rhimes, Master Class, and Bridgerton

Posted By LaurelLit 329 days ago on Writing - For my birthday, I was given a subscription to Master Class, which is great, because I am the sort of person who reads course catalogs for fun.  When I first logged on to Master Class, I was asked to click on the courses I was interested in, and, well… if Master Class was a dating site, I’d be that gal who right swipes for anyone who has a pulse & doesn’t appear to be a serial killer.I was especially eager about the cooking courses and the writing courses. I&rs [...]

Kittens in the Time of Covid 19

Posted By LaurelLit 330 days ago on Writing - We all have quarantine stories to tell; this is mine.​​In a time of loss, we must find joy.This might be too easy for me to say. I’ve had it good, comparatively. I haven’t lost my home, or my livelihood. My loved ones are safe and healthy, as far as I know. For me, the loss that came with quarantine was secondary. On the Monday of the second week of March, I got news that my dad had suddenly died (not from Covid.) My brother, stepsiblings and I told ourselves that [...]

So Bad It's Good- Analogies Written by "High School Students"

Posted By LaurelLit 331 days ago on Writing -  If you teach high school English, I expect you've seen this list before. I'll bet you even showed it to other members in your English department, and you all shared a good laugh one afternoon, as students left the building and you braced yourself for an hour or two of essay grading before you headed home.That's how it happened for me, when I saw this list for the first time, but that was toward the beginning of my teaching career, before there was Facebook. Since then I have seen it posted [...]

Massive Human Error (a short story)

Posted By LaurelLit 331 days ago on Writing - I’ve never been the type to carefully read instructions. I don’t have the patience. Or, maybe it’s more like most of the time, I don’t understand. I’m not a visual, step by step sort of person. I’ll just assume I know what I’m doing enough to figure it out, that through some combination of instinct, common sense and magic, everything will come together.That strategy worked in the Before-Times, back when there was room for human error because there [...]