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5 Agitating Strategies that Hurt Your Blogging Success

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Certain tactics will annoy the stuffing out of your readers. As a blogger you tend to have certain blogging blind spots. Readers see your blog through an entirely different prism than you. 

8 Game-Changing Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Posted By AppInstitute 1049 days ago on Technology -

Are you struggling to help your real estate agency stand out from the crowd? And are you looking for some genuine, valuable and actionable marketing techniques? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We know how tough it can be to emerge from a competitive market. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our...Read More
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4 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business

Posted By ivanpw 1050 days ago on Business - The main objective for any small business owner is to sell as many products and services as they can. Though there are a lot of layers to successfully making sales, the largest component of that is marketing. By effectively positioning your business in front of your target audience as a solution to a common problem, you increase the likelihood of turning them into sales.As marketing is constantly changing, it is necessary for a business owner to first establish and then continually update or improve their marketing plan. This plan should essentially outline that various methods you’ll use to reach your target audience.…

How Small Businesses can Monitor Employee Productivity

Posted By ivanpw 1049 days ago on Business - As a business owner, you’ve likely encountered low productivity from your staff. Low employee productivity is a business problem that affects every organization large and small.In many cases, owners may feel they are not getting enough output from an employee for the salay paid. It can be even more challenging to identify if you have an employee productivity issues if you have no means or framework for monitoring employee productivity.Below are a few helpful methods that you can use to monitor employee productivity.Employee SupportEmployees engage in work processes with the information they have. Today’s productivity shortages is often the result of either lack of information or information overload.…

How to Plan a Business Dinner With a Client

Posted By ivanpw 1049 days ago on Business - Every January, thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—one of the biggest trade expos in the technology calendar. During the daytime, some of the biggest companies and most exciting startups in the world put their new products on display. But according to one insider, “the real show begins about four hours later,” at dinner.When the trade show’s doors close for the evening, entrepreneurs flood local restaurants, wining and dining potential clients with whom they want to work in the next year. With a little luck, these meals will lead to deals.…