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Improve Your Reality with The Power of Your Thoughts

Posted By TatianaMichelet on Self Improvement - Your thoughts, beliefs and judgements create your reality! Do you believe that your thoughts come in response to what you’re observing? What about if I said this is just an illusion. Imagine for one moment, the truth is that what you are observing is actually in response to what you’ve been thinking!

Why Do You Let Fear Self Sabotage Your Life?

Posted By TatianaMichelet on Self Improvement - If self sabotaging was a crime then we would all be guilty of it. You might be looking at my words in stupor, the shock makes you think: “not guilty!” for you plan, prepare and always give the best of yourself so self sabotage issues have nothing to do with you. Well, let me refresh your memory…

Is The Past Holding You Back from Your Future?

Posted By TatianaMichelet on Self Improvement - Each morning you take the time to stare at the bathroom mirror, hoping that your face can hide your insecurities for one more day – you already know the day will be spent interpreting people’s smile and analysing your neighbours motives behind their small talk. You suspect them to see the seven, sixteen or twenty-one year old hiding behind an adult mask...

Creating Connections: SEO & Content Marketing In 2015 With Casie Gillette

Posted By contentchampion on SEO - My guest on episode 38 of the Content Champion podcast is SEO expert Casie Gillette of KoMarketing Associates, who explains how SEO and content marketing work together in creating the connections to enhance your online visibility.

Broke, Smoke, Love has Enough of Chasing Life Dreams

Posted By TatianaMichelet on Self Improvement - Evading North Eastern Europe’s financial crisis towards a fresh start in life, Gina walked up the stairs of a small plane in a modest airport, away from her deserted town. It was dawn. Nearby, Gino carried in a suitcase, the photo album of her teenage years. He waved, a speechless goodbye. A single tear slipped down his forced but brave smile.

Brainwave Vibrations and Frequencies

Posted By TatianaMichelet 1841 days ago on Body and Mind - Are Brainwave vibration the most dynamic forms of something we call life? Throughout the ages, people have been sought the truth about the origin of the world and in doing so humanity has come up with many complex theories; some are scientific explanations and others are around faith and spirituality.

Age of Aquarius Shift: What does it mean?

Posted By TatianaMichelet 1841 days ago on Self Improvement - Everyone is talking about the Age of Aquarius and there are scientific, spiritual and astrological versions of what it really is and many of us sensitive types may be feeling a shift in energies.

3 Things Everyone Should Stop Doing to Live a Simpler Life

Posted By TatianaMichelet 1841 days ago on Self Improvement - There is much to be said about living a simple life. The first of which is that in search of this simplicity, we tend to inevitably create complex situations. This pursuit then defeats the purse it was supposed to serve in the first place.

How to Meditate From Start to Finish - 10 Easy Steps

Posted By TatianaMichelet 1841 days ago on Body and Mind - Before you get started Before you start, the first thing you need to do is take care of a few practicalities. When are you going to meditate each day? Where can you sit peacefully and undisturbed? How will you even remember to do it?