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Why is Language so Important When Personal Training

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Why is Language so Important When Personal TrainingNeuro Linguistic Programming is essentially the science of communication via the spoken word. Since the original works of Bandler and Grinder in the 1970’s, more and more people are studying it. But why? What makes the study of language so appealing and valuable?“I had no choice but to x”Many people make the above statement when they’ve made a decision they perceive as negative. The reality is that we always have a choice. Some choices have more polar options than others, (take the elevator during a building fire, or not), but there are always options. NLP helps practitioners to understand how their clients perceive the world around them and their interaction with it. It gives you the tools to really hear what your

Working With Clients Who Have a Disability

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) was set up in the early 2000’s by the English Federation of Disability Sports (EFDS) in response to some research which identified that disabled people were being excluded from the opportunities of regular participation in facility-based fitness and sports activities.Therefore since 2001 the IFI has worked towards an ambition of providing every disabled person in England with access to an inclusive fitness facility (a suitable distance from home). This was helped between 2001 and 2006 when the IFI received £6 million from the Sport England Lottery Fund. In 2007, IFI launched a new programme which was given funding of £1.95 million by the National Sports Foundation to encourage more grassroots sports access for disabled people.Therefore since the late

Personal Trainer Etiquette

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Much like hairdressers and dentists, personal trainers invade a client’s personal space on a regular basis. Because of this proximity and also the slightly more relaxed and informal nature of the environment, it’s important to be aware of what constitutes best practice when dealing with clients. The following list covers some of the more obvious faux pas and some that are perhaps not as widely recognised. It’s not in any particular order as failure to observe any one of these could get your head turned into a canoe in the wrong gym or with the wrong person. Mobile Phone UseWith the advent of smartphones and health-orientated apps, this becomes a harder and harder breach to call subjectively. Regardless, personal trainers should never be focused on their phone instead of their client. Eve

Advanced Kettlebell Exercises

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - The Kettlebell Bottom-up Clean to Reverse Lunge PressThis is a great exercise that will not only improve grip strength, but also balance, coordination, shoulder stability, overhead pressing strength and posture. Not a bad list of benefits for an exercise.Before we get into the specifics of the exercise itself, there are a few points worth noting: If you cannot do a basic clean and reverse lunge press with good technique, start with that first. Doing this with a competition kettlebell is harder than with a standard kettlebell, as the narrower grip provides less traction and a smaller base of support. This is really challenging on the small muscles that stabilise the head of the humerus inside the shoulder socket. Any imbalances, either functional or muscular, will be revealed with this exe

Interview With Lyndon Longhorne

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Interview With Lyndon LonghorneStarting our Saturday study PT Certificate in Manchester on the 20th of JuneWhy have you chosen to do your course with FIE?I decided to do my course with FIE as they are really flexible with my training and they have said that they will work around my swimming the best they can to help made pass the course, whereas a lot of other companies said they couldn’t be as flexible as FIE.How will achieving the qualification most benefit you?Achieving the qualification will benefit me in many ways! Firstly I will be able to achieve one of my goals of becoming a PT and go on to encourage other disability people or athletes to get more involved in becoming active.Other than the qualification itself, what do you hope to get out of the course?I hope to gain a lot o

Interview With Zanna Van Dijk

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Interview With Zanna Van Dijk So first things first, why become a personal trainer? Why did you choose to go down this path? I had completed my undergraduate degree in speech science and did not want to go down that path. Instead I went travelling and I hate to sound cliché but I "found myself" so to speak. I decided to pursue my love of all things health and become a PT! It was the best decision I have ever made. What advice can you give those unsure whether or not to pursue it? Think. Think long and hard. Weigh up the positives and negatives. As with any job, there are highs are lows. For example there are long unsociable hours but you can often be in control of your own timetable. It is a competitive industry so you have to be ready to give it your all. What would

Why Small Group Training?

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -   Why Small Group Training?By Tom Godwin Small Group Training (SGT) is also known as semi-private training and usually consists of 2–10 participants. It is rapidly becoming one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry, showing an increase in its popularity over the last 5 years.  So why is SGT so popular? 1.       EconomyFor those wanting support with their exercise regime but unable to afford one-to-one sessions, small group sessions are ideal as they are cheaper but have the benefit of some one-to-one instruction and motivation. 2.       AdherenceAs with one-to-one sessions, if people have paid upfront for their sessions, they are more likely to attend. And with any pre-booked session, there

5 Considerations For Jump Squats

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - With pro-choreography, it is possible to modify the exercises to suit all participant skill levels. With this in mind, there are five key considerations when teaching jump squats:- Focus on form and technique – Squatting will no doubt be very familiar to regular pump fx attendees. Hopefully they will have mastered the correct form and technique already. If you have a new exerciser in class, make sure their form and technique is spot on before progressing to a more advanced movement pattern. For the first few weeks in a release period, rather than doing the jump squat, maybe consider a regular squat using this to reinforce the correct form and technique. Use these introductory weeks wisely to prepare the group for the jump squat which will follow later in the programme. Progress to a squ

What Makes a Good Leader?

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Within the fitness industry, there are many people that could be described as leaders. These leaders may be industry giants who are leading the way in the promotion of our industry and the pioneering of new concepts. Leaders may also have what may be considered more everyday roles as there is the need for strong leadership within a fitness organisation so that it runs effectively and meets the company goals and objectives. Whatever kind of leader you want to be, there are some common traits that are vital to ensure that you are effective in your role.There are many people out there who would consider themselves a leader … but in many cases, they are managers who organise a process of work. The key aspect of being classed as a leader by others is that you can inspire and lead a grou

Building Your Client Base

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - There is nothing quite like success! The feeling you get when you receive your very own qualification documents takes some beating. It is only the beginning, but the sense of achievement is second to none. Not only are you ready to embark on a new career, you also have one foot on the ladder that leads to the top of a very healthy fitness industry! Oh, but wait! That first massive step forward is made with an excitement that can be very quickly overtaken by a little fear and trepidation. All of a sudden you are out on your own. No longer is there an all-knowing FIE tutor on hand to answer every question and assist with any action. It’s just you and the cache of knowledge you’ve built up during your ‘training’ time. Building a business from scratch is a challenge, particularly when your te

Building Your Client Base - Part 2

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Did we make a promise to offer you more tips on winning new business? Yes, we did. And therein lies maybe the single most important lesson of all in the relationships you form with any personal customers. When you tell them you will do something, do it!Delivery is everything when you are looking to build the trust and confidence of your clientele. They are investing more than their time and money in you; there is a leap of faith being taken by agreeing to put their bodies through whatever you tell them to. If they commit to your programme, they will expect results in return.We are here to help you to help them, but do not make promises to your clients that you cannot keep.Are you www savvy?There are no excuses in life if you’ve got a wi-fi signal! Getting your name out there is easy

Going The Extra Mile!

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - As personal trainers we are in the business of goal achievement, we are there to help our clients to get to their health and fitness goals. But do you go that extra mile to help them in ways that they do not expect? Do you provide the wow factor? Now the wow can come in many places, here are some of the strategies I have previously used and you can try to help wow your clients:-Hit the basics there are so many personal trainers who don’t do the basics, make sure you do! Make sure you turn up to your sessions before time, prepared, looking smart, basically ready to go! Get your clients to their goals and provide the service that you say you will in your marketing. Sadly if you don’t hit these basics your clients will not be around long enough to be wowed!! Go above and beyond – as a p

Interview Tips for Personal Trainers

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Going for your first interview in the world of fitness can be a daunting task, with most new personal trainers not knowing what to expect. This article aims to help you to better understand the process and help you to get your self ready to get that dream job! It all starts with the pre-interview…. Once you have been formally asked to come in you should start your research. Having a full understanding of the specific organization and their product will greatly help you stand out from the crowd. This will allow you to demonstrate a deep understanding of the company does and their culture. Here are the top 5 things to research before you have that interview:- The organisations history The organisations culture The type of clients The products The vision/brand On t

Employment rights in the fitness industry

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - As an employee or employer within the fitness industry, it is important that you understand your employment rights. This becomes especially important if you are in a management role or your business starts to grow where you have other fitness professionals helping you operate. The inappropriate management of people and their employment rights may leave you or your organisation open to employment tribunals and liability claims.Employees have two sets of rights: statutory and contractual. Statutory rights, which are the rights as outlined by UK law and apply to all those employed in the UK, are in place regardless of situation or circumstance.Learn the basics of fitness and leisure management on our courseSome of the key statutory rights for employees are: To be given a written statement of