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The Blogger’s Guide To Writing Better Headlines (Without Becoming A Copywriting Pro)

Posted By adamjc 2 days ago on Marketing - Getting people’s attention is hard work.  And it’s only going to get harder. Sorry, but it’s true. Simply firing out long-form articles isn’t going to be enough to get you the traffic you deserve. So, what’s the answer? It all starts with writing headlines that people will actually click. After all, more people will see […]

The Best Chatbot Builders To Increase Your Conversions

Posted By adamjc 12 days ago on Marketing - Are you looking for the best chatbot builder to engage and convert visitors, and help your customers? Chatbots are on the rise, and whether you use them for sales, marketing, or support, they can be a great addition to your virtual team. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best chatbot builders on the market. […]

37 Landing Page Statistics You Should Know

Posted By adamjc 12 days ago on Marketing - If you’re reading this, you probably want to learn more about landing pages.  Great news! You’re in the right place. These 37 landing page statistics will help you build your most high converting landing page yet. Ready to get started? Landing page statistics to learn What’s the first thing you do when you want to […]

How To Write An Optimized Author Bio That Maximizes Guest Posting Results: A 6-Point Checklist

Posted By adamjc 12 days ago on Marketing - Quick question: Have you ever read an ultimate guide on how to write an author bio? Probably not. I don’t blame you. First, if you’re like most marketers and business owners, the author bio is the last thing on your mind when you strategize your guest posting campaign. You focus on popular aspects like: Finding […]

4 Steps To Make Your Blog Profitable (Without Increasing Traffic)

Posted By adamjc 23 days ago on Marketing - You’ve tried every blog promotion tactic in the book – but still – traffic never seems to translate into revenue. Sound familiar? Here’s the deal: Your blog can be profitable but you’re going to need to hit the brakes on traffic generation (temporarily!) The truth is that most bloggers have the equation for profitable blogging […]

The Best Live Chat Software Tools To Support Your Customers

Posted By adamjc 29 days ago on Marketing - Don’t you just love waiting in a call queue for 30 minutes to speak to a customer service agent? Of course you don’t, because everybody hates that. Fortunately, it’s 2020, so you don’t have to. Thanks to modern technology, we now have an alternative – live chat. Live chat software is the new standard when […]