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“What The Bot?” Here’s How To Welcome Looming AI Domination With Your Content

Posted By adamjc 4 days ago on Marketing - Robots coming for our jobs?In the 50’s, that might’ve felt like something you’d see in a black and white horror film, while sitting in a dingy cinema with a bucket of popcorn.In 2019, it’s a real threat.But unlike cringy horror films from over half a century ago, Read more »

How To Create Personalized Emails That Engage And Convert

Posted By adamjc 10 days ago on Blogging - If most of your subscribers constantly ignore your emails, or mark them as spam, or even delete them without opening, then it’s time to change your strategy.After all, with an average ROI of 3800%, there’s no doubt that email marketing works.But you have to remember that in 2017 alone, a whopping 269 billion emails were sent and received globally on a daily basis.This number is still growing and is expected to rise above 333 billion by 2022. Continue Reading... » 50% Complete 37 Advanced Content Promotion Tactics That Will 3x Your Traffic Join the Funnel Overload newsletter and get FREE access to our 'Content Promotion Handbook' to boost your traffic.Subscribe & Download!×Includes Email Updates. Unsubscribe Anytime.

The Definitive Guide To Instagram Hashtags

Posted By adamjc 10 days ago on Marketing - You know you need to use Instagram hashtags, but aren’t really sure how?Want to learn EXACTLY how to research hashtags that are tailored to your specific account?This extensive Guide to Instagram Hashtags in 2019 will teach you how to create an effective hashtag strategy that will boost the reach of your posts and ultimately help you gain more followers. Read more »

How To Acquire Backlinks That Will Grow Your Blog Traffic

Posted By adamjc 11 days ago on Marketing - There’s a peculiar fact that is not often brought up in the community:The majority of backlinks don’t actually drive referral traffic.Take a look at it has over 30k referring domains:Source: Ahrefs.comBut only 500 of them are sending real visitors. Read more »

How To Organize Your WordPress Media Library

Posted By adamjc 20 days ago on Blogging - Remember back when you first started your WordPress site? Everything was so fresh and uncluttered. But as you started writing posts and pages, you probably began noticing just how quickly clutter can start piling up. One of the biggest clutter […]

How To Publish From Google Docs To WordPress Using Mammoth .docx Converter

Posted By adamjc 24 days ago on Blogging - Note: this post has been rewritten from scratch as of 30/01/2019. Google Docs has changed the way people write, take notes and collaborate with one another. It’s also changed the way we blog. Instead of forking over a large amount […]

The WordPress Update: WordPress 5.1 Beta, Gutenberg For Widgets, And More

Posted By adamjc 24 days ago on Blogging - Happy 2019, WordPress friends! We’re here to belatedly ring in the New Year with you by sharing the most noteworthy WordPress news from the first month of 2019 in the latest edition of The WordPress Update. If you’re not already […]

15 Lessons I Learned From Selling A Blog For $500,000

Posted By adamjc 25 days ago on Marketing - May of 2013 was a life-changing month for me. My bank account grew by $400,000 (with another $100,000 to come a year later), and the effort that I had put in for several years to grow my blog all paid off.Six years earlier I had started my first blog, Read more »

4 Powerful Popover Plugins To Accelerate Your Email List Growth

Posted By adamjc 27 days ago on Blogging - If you’re like most marketers or small businesses, you probably have an email opt-in form on your site to build your subscriber list. You’ve heard the phrase the money is in the list and you don’t want to be left […]

7 Quick Ways To Increase Visitor Engagement On Your Website

Posted By adamjc 27 days ago on Blogging - Optimize, optimize, optimize. That’s what you should be doing with your website. If you don’t optimize, you’ll spend more of your time, and more of your money in some cases, creating more content, content that won’t convert because you aren’t […]

14 Powerful WordPress Lead Generation Plugins To Boost Your Conversions

Posted By adamjc 28 days ago on Blogging - Did you know that over 70% of visitors who abandon your website will never return? If you’ve checked your website analytics recently, then you’ll see that figure is right. For most of us, 75% of people who visit don’t come […]

11 Powerful WordPress Plugins To Grow Your Email List 3x Faster

Posted By adamjc 28 days ago on Marketing - Looking for the perfect WordPress plugin to grow your email list faster?Maybe you want to a basic plugin for displaying opt-in forms, and landing pages. Or maybe you need a full-featured list building plugin that offer advanced features such as split testing, lead magnet delivery, or multi-step forms, Read more »

6 Exceptional WordPress Social Sharing Plugins: Explode Your Shares

Posted By adamjc 28 days ago on Blogging - Nine hundred and fourteen… That’s how many plugins show up when you type “social share buttons” into the plugin directory. And while that number might be impressive, it doesn’t even count all the quality premium options out there. So, […]

8 Effective WordPress Security Plugins And Tools To Keep Your Site Safe

Posted By adamjc 28 days ago on Marketing - You know that it’s a nasty world out there with malicious actors just itching to get their dirty hands on your WordPress website. You also know that you should probably be doing “something” to keep your WordPress site safe from all those baddies.What you might not know is what that “something” Read more »