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Best Ways to Beef Up Mobile Security

Posted By erikemanuelli on Business - With more businesses requiring employees and contractors to bring their own device, the importance of mobile security becomes even more important than ever. No longer is data security in the business the main issue, now it spans to all devices used regardless of ownership. Not only can we share with you some tips and tricks, but also what to do in the event your mobile device has been hacked.

5 Long-Term Tactics to Save Money on Tech

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - The use of consumer electronics has spiked dramatically over the last decade or so with smartphones leading the way. By 2019, it is expected that the number of smartphone users will pass the 5 billion mark. Consumer electronics have become part of daily life from laptop to home appliances to wearables. The advanced technology in these gadgets offers great conveniences, but it also makes them expensive to acquire and maintain. According to numbers from Statista, UK customers spent GBP 959 million on consumer electronics. It is possible, though to slash the amount an individual spends yearly, on tech gadgets.   Buy What

Expanding Your At Home Business The Easy Way

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - An at home business can be the ideal scenario for many families. Having someone who works from home, on their own terms, enables you to strike that balance just right when it comes to working and living. Not everyone gets that opportunity, and to build something from nothing into something you manage and make money from home is an achievement in itself. But sometimes those at home businesses need to be expanded, and have the potential to be even more successful. However, how do you go about making that leap from just you and your laptop to an expanded at

Use This Exact Tactics to Beat Your Competitors in 6 Weeks

Posted By erikemanuelli on SEO - One of my friend did this and replicated this for his 3 casino sites to bank $22.4K/Month on passive income.
This is in fact the easiest way to start staying ahead of your competitors and beat them with their own medicine.

What do you need to do the same?

Ahrefs – Free Account
Microsoft Excel
Your competitor’s URLs
We know that there are plenty of tools out there that teach you how to peak into competitor’s back links. How do you know which is the right tool which can be useful for you? Don’t worry lets dive into this. It’s all Free.

In the blog post, I am going to give you five secret comparison modules to compare your web site with your top competitors and do the same type of links to beat them. My Friend did exactly the same and succeeded.

Dominating First Page Rankings in 2017 and Beyond!

Posted By erikemanuelli on SEO - What if you had 382 sites to rank in 28 days time?
What if you have been tracking 1974 keywords on Daily Basis?

Obviously you could figure out how to rank a website in search results yourself by working for hundreds of websites and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve already done the hard work for you, testing different website structures, different ages , different backlink sources, and different content strategies.

Lets cut the learning curve and come straight to the point.

3 Important Factors for More Blog Traffic

Posted By erikemanuelli on Reviews - I am really not a fan of the “traffic is everything” theory. I mean traffic alone is worthless. It is just a number, showing how many people visited your blog the other day. But does that mean anything to you? Just in part. What I believe marketers and bloggers should pay a lot more attention to...

Getting Full Control Of Your Finances

Posted By erikemanuelli on Finance - As you consider getting a more tight reign on your finances, one of your first steps should be to design a budget within which you can most comfortably function.

Look at your monthly income. Are you a single breadwinner, or is there more than one breadwinner in the house? What is the monthly budget you’re working with?

Local SEO Guide: Ranking Factors That Could Be Useful For Your Business

Posted By erikemanuelli on SEO - The higher you appear on the page for a relevant keyword, the more traffic you will receive.

Why is traffic important? Simple.

The more people you have coming to your site or seeing your information online, the more opportunities you have to complete a sale. If you’re lower on the list, that means your competitors might capture more mindshare and you lose out. Thus, getting a high rank is paramount.

So what are some factors that will help your company show up higher in the search results?

7 Mighty Customer Experience Trends for Retention in 2018

Posted By erikemanuelli on Business - The way businesses operate is transforming as environments constantly shift — our digital world is fast-paced, technology-led and even chaotic.

While attempting to keep up with the times and simultaneously scale, it’s easy to become caught up in the surrounding hype of new marketing concepts, innovative software…and the actions of the latest disruptive startups.

Before you know it, you’re (ironically) neglecting the single most important component of success and growth:

Your customers.

Here are 7 mighty customer experience trends to inform your retention strategy in 2018 (and beyond) by ensuring heartfelt customer delight…

Because customers matter as people — not numbers.

Web Hosting Black Friday Sales 2017 Is Coming!

Posted By erikemanuelli on WebSites - It’s that time of the year again! Last year we pulled *THE* biggest Black Friday / Cyber Monday hosting promotion list.

The list has gone viral and shared thousands of times on social media networks in a week.

This will be the only page you need to get ultra-cheap Black Friday and Cyber Monday hosting deals.

How to Embed a Google Form in WordPress

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - When it comes to usability, one of the most important tools you need in your WordPress arsenal is a form builder. It allows your audience to interact with your brand – be it in the shape of general inquiries, support requests, or feedback. Forms can also be used for surveys that help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience.

Although the official WordPress repository already offers plenty of form-building plugins, some bloggers and marketers prefer sticking to the G Suite – a cloud-based platform for webmasters designed by none other than Google.

In this post, I’ll show you the different methods of using Google Forms with your WordPress sites.