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What Famous Logos Would Look Like If They Used The Products They Represent

Posted By fershid 1561 days ago on Design - What would brand logos look like if they used or consumed the products they represent? Italian industrial product designer Marco Schembri answers the question in this amusing project here.

11 Fonts That Designers Love To Hate

Posted By fershid 1822 days ago on Design - Every design project is unique and requires a typeface that matches the visual aesthetics and compliments the content. However, there are some typefaces that designers try to steer clear of, because they find them ugly, outdated or overused. Creative Market has created a cool poster series on fonts that designers love to hate. Bear in mind that some of these typefaces might be detested by one set of designers but adored by another. Check them out here.

These Trucks Have Rear Screens That Show Oncoming Traffic So You Can Overtake Safely

Posted By fershid 1812 days ago on Technology - In Argentina, one person dies in a traffic accident every hour. 80% of these accidents happen when people are trying to overtake, not surprising for a country with hundreds of one-lane roads. Samsung and agency Leo Burnett wanted to make a difference and came up with a brilliant initiative called ‘The Safety Truck’.

They installed wireless cameras in front and four rear outdoor monitors at the back of Samsung trucks. The cameras streamed the front view of the truck to the monitors at the back. Drivers behind the truck could see oncoming traffic and overtake safely. The cameras were equipped with night vision as well. Watch the video to see them in action.

10 Things That Make Every Designer Panic

Posted By fershid 1687 days ago on Design - With Halloween around the corner, Creative Market has created a series of funny posters titled ‘Designer Fears’. From software bugs to irrational clients, the list covers common phobias that give sleepless nights to every designer. Check them out here.

IKEA Turned Children’s Drawings Into Real Soft Toys To Raise Money For Charity

Posted By fershid 1677 days ago on Advertising - As part of its ‘Soft Toys for Education’ campaign, IKEA donates one dollar/euro for every soft toy sold in participating stores in November and December every year. The donations go to UNICEF, Save the Children and various other educational projects.

This year, IKEA decided to turn to their target audience for ideas and held a global drawing competition for kids. 10 winners were chosen and their drawings were converted into real soft toys. Check them out here.

Turn Your Phone Into A Lightsaber With This Mind-Blowing Google Chrome Experiment

Posted By fershid 1631 days ago on Marketing - Google, in collaboration with Disney, has come up with an epic Chrome Experiment to promote the latest Star Wars movie The Force Awakens. The company launched Lightsaber Escape, a website that lets you use your smartphone as a lightsaber so you can battle Stormtroopers in your computer’s browser. It’s a cool, engaging experience, even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan. Just follow the three simple steps given here.

‘Your Beautiful Eyes’ – Amazing Close-Up Photos Of Human Eyes By Suren Manvelyan

Posted By fershid 1619 days ago on Photography - ‘Your Beautiful Eyes’ is a fascinating photo series by Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan. Using macro photography, Suren captures extreme close-up shots of the human eye, that makes them look mystical and ethereal. His eye-popping work (excuse the pun) has been featured in leading publications and this project is currently the most viewed project and the second most liked project of all time on Behance. Check it out here.

15 Images That Show Why Letter-Spacing Is Important

Posted By fershid 1609 days ago on Design - Ever wondered why good designers focus so much on kerning, i.e. adjusting the spacing between characters in a piece of text? These 15 epic images show you why letter-spacing is important not just in logos and graphic design, but also in everyday handwriting. Check them out here.