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3 Conversion Hacks that Will Boost Your Revenue Sky High

Posted By positionly on Marketing - It’s easy for marketers to fall victim to vanity metrics. What are ‘vanity metrics,’ you ask? These are numbers that get us excited, despite a total lack of relevance to a business’s bottom line. Think: pageviews, raw, downloads, and registered users. These are awesome, top-of-funnel numbers that kickstart the customer acquisition process. But they’re not... Read more »The post 3 Conversion Hacks that Will Boost Your Revenue Sky High appeared first on Positionly Blog.

How to Master SEO with Google Analytics – Beginners Guide

Posted By positionly on Marketing - Rankings are a great measure of SEO success. They don’t paint the whole picture though. You may know that what you do is working. But what about your boss, a business partner, client, spouse or whoever else you have to report to? Current rankings for a particular keyword are not enough to convince them to... Read more »The post How to Master SEO with Google Analytics – Beginners Guide appeared first on Positionly Blog.

MyBlogU : a New Way to Create Epic Content, Be Promoted Online and Build New Connections

Posted By erikemanuelli on Make Money - So you created your first blog and you wrote some amazing articles. You feel proud of your content, and you know it’s worth reading. But no one is visiting, nor commenting your posts. Also, you’ve just started your journey online, you don’t have strong connections. You landed in the right place, then! I have the […]

Keyword Research Masterclass: Using the Google Keyword Planner

Posted By positionly on Marketing - Research and Development (R&D) is something we tend to think of in terms of scientific and medical fields, and the manufacturing industry. Not content marketing. But think of your typical week (or even day) as a content or online marketer for the website you manage. Isn’t a lot of what you do a variation on... Read more »The post Keyword Research Masterclass: Using the Google Keyword Planner appeared first on Positionly Blog.

12 Ways To Boost Your Online Sales Today

Posted By Pixelpro 1943 days ago on Design - There is a certain amount of mystery when it comes to that all-mighty conversion while running an eCommerce business. Since one can never fully understand how people will react to your presence on the Internet it can be very difficult to know exactly how to proceed when it comes to boosting your online sales. There’s […]Related posts:10 Ways To Dramatically Boost Consumer Trust With Your Ecommerce Reviews One of the best ways to boost your business is...Use The BigCommerce Google Website Optimizer to Increase Your Online Sales Use both store wide and item-specific tests to improve the...eCommerce Tools That Will Increase Your Sales & Retention If you’ve started an online business, chances are you did...

Addendum to: "Board Games for the Rich!"

Posted By andrewwilliams 1941 days ago on Blogging - The question about what the super rich do when they get together has come up many times in several different ways. In the last post you may recall I was attempting to answer the question about whether or not they play board games.In my world of the old-guard rich, the answer is no. But they do engage in another type of parlor game that requires wit, mental agility, and stamina. It's called repartee, or sparing.They chitchat, they drink, and they banter all through the evening. There's laughter with each level of excess, and the drunker they get, the louder the laughter. These mindless conversations almost always involve a degree of self deprecating humor, poking fun at themselves (or at each other) for some stupid little thing that's happened in their day-to-day lives. Nothing too mean or

Fringe’s Blair Brown Added To The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black

Posted By boxofficebuz 1958 days ago on Entertainment - The third season of Netflix’s award winning Orange Is The New Black has added a new inmate, Blair Brown who played Nina Sharp throughout all five seasons of Fringe has joined the cast. TV Guide has the scoop although no details about who she will be playing or how many episodes she will appear in have been confirmed.

Exploration of Scalable & Responsive Logo Designs by Joe Harrison

Posted By thelogosmith 1956 days ago on Design -   Exploration of Scalable & Responsive Logo Designs by Joe Harrison Just when you might have been wondering when the...© 2006-2014 The Logo Smith - Freelance Logo Designer and Brand Identity Design Studio

Today's Buz: 7/30 - Allison Williams, Bill Murray, Nathan For You & More

Posted By boxofficebuz 1956 days ago on Entertainment - Sorry for the unexpected absence in Headlines earlier this week. I went out of town to celebrate things and completely forgot to bring my laptop.

3 Brilliant Ways to Customize Your Windows 8

Posted By lukasmork 1945 days ago on Blogging - Are you not quite content with how your windows 8 installation looks or functions? Well, don’t fret. Many pieces of Windows 8 and other operating system software allow for customization although it might not be readily evident. You can tweak a number of components and pieces to make them a lot more user-friendly. The following… Continue Reading