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Posted By kenspear 147 days ago on all - It’s the time of the year when people will be planning their trips to Thailand to experience Songkran, or the Thai New Year festival. Unfortunately this year, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, things have taken an unusual turn.

Driving in Thailand: Fuel Types Explained & Check Prices Between PTT, Shell, Esso, Caltex, BCP

Posted By kenspear 243 days ago on all - If you’re driving in Thailand especially when you’re on a holiday, you may not be familiar with the various types of fuel there and their prices. Here are the fuels explained.

Silly Fools’ Toe Natapol: From Rock Star to Beef Seller

Posted By kenspear 269 days ago on all - Toe is the former lead singer from the Thai rock band Silly Fools, famous in the 90’s. But he has since quit the band and shunned entertainment and fame as he practices Islam.

Krong Kam the Lakorn: Of Social Class, Identity, and Ego

Posted By kenspear 473 days ago on Television - Krong Kam revolves around the conflicts between Yoi, a rich and hardworking but oftentimes stingy and aggressive Thai woman who marries into a traditional Chinese family in a town called Chum Saeng, and Renu, the pregnant wife of Yoi's eldest son who was forced into prostitution due to a series of unfortunate events until she met her husband Achai.

5 Thai Laws You Need to Know Before Travelling to Thailand

Posted By kenspear 498 days ago on Travel - For those of you who will be travelling or make constant visits to Thailand, you may not realise or may have taken for granted some of its strict laws that would impact you as a tourist.