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Voted News

600th Day in Thailand: My Friend Says This Bold Truth to Me and Has Me Re-Evaluating My Compass

Posted By kenspear 1319 days ago on Travel - Has there been some truth in what people are telling me, or have I been turning a deaf ear all this while?


Posted By kenspear 147 days ago on all - It’s the time of the year when people will be planning their trips to Thailand to experience Songkran, or the Thai New Year festival. Unfortunately this year, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, things have taken an unusual turn.

180 Days in Thailand: Major Changes That’ve Caught up With Me

Posted By kenspear 1764 days ago on Personal - Having been single for ten years with no plan to get married, I had honestly never imagined myself falling in love or being in a relationship again. But nature always has a way to prove us wrong, and it has blessed me with a beautiful girl from the land of smiles.

She’s Thai; I’m Malaysian. I Don’t Know What Future Holds for Us. It’s Not Easy, but I Try to Live in the Moment, Every Moment.

Posted By kenspear 1742 days ago on Personal - She understands my worries. She too sees the complications ahead of us. But she said something supportive and touching.

Friends Think I’m Living “The Thailand Dream”. Some Hope to Do the Same. But Really… Don’t.

Posted By kenspear 1685 days ago on Travel - As a person who has walked this path, I have naturally seen and experienced more; I can therefore shed some light into what is reality and what isn’t when it comes to a foreigner “living the Thailand dream”.

This Year, I Did These 10 Crazy Things for the First Time in My Life. Then Some Things Happen.

Posted By kenspear 1682 days ago on Personal - I was on my way to Bangkok when I received a call asking me to head back South to an unknown little town called Pathiu in the province of Chumphon, to...

I'm a TrueMove H User. This's How I Spend Just 240 Baht/Month on Unlimited Mobile Internet in Thailand.

Posted By kenspear 1661 days ago on Travel - Tourist or not, this is an easy trick if you're a TrueMove H user and looking for a cheap, unlimited mobile Internet solution.

She’s Thai, I’m Malaysian. After Bouts of Conflicts, I’m Left Falling for Her – for a Second Time.

Posted By kenspear 1634 days ago on Personal - We ended up doing and saying things that had each other feeling so very hurt, in fact so hurt that we were about to walk away from each other’s lives.