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How to React when you have been hurt by the Church

Posted By joshhevans 1723 days ago on Spiritual Blogging - Have you ever been hurt by the church? We all have. The church is supposed to be safe, but when you place imperfect people into the mix, it happens. Check out this post from Mark Etheridge on how to react when you have been hurt by the church or ministry.

Crowdfunding Sites for Charity and Cause Fundraisers

Posted By myefunder 1679 days ago on Crowdfunding - Crowdfunding sites suit all kind of fundraiser these days, including fundraising for charity or cause. However, the point to be noted here is the specialization of these crowdfunding sites. There are crowdfunding sites which work for various genres of fundraising, also there are sites which work only for a particular kind of fundraising. The specialized […]The post Crowdfunding Sites for Charity and Cause Fundraisers appeared first on MyeFunder.

4 Reasons Why you Should Consider Sponsoring Charities

Posted By ivanpw 1735 days ago on Business - One of the easiest ways to generate goodwill towards your business is to sponsor a charity or two in your local community. Making a sizable financial donation will get your business name put up at the charity event, getting your name out and letting the community know you care. Not only are you supporting those in need, but you are also increasing the visibility of your business in a positive way.Aligning Your Values With a Charityphoto credit: FlickrImage via Flickr by amateur photography by michelThere are all kinds of charities that are happy to accept donations from local businesses and give advertising in return.…The post 4 Reasons Why you Should Consider Sponsoring Charities appeared first on Biz Penguin.

Motivation Just For You: THE Writer

Posted By BryanPositiveWriter 1689 days ago on Writing - You’re sitting at your desk, thinking. At least, you want to be. But you’re not. Not, really. You want to be thinking of something utterly amazing, something so brilliant the letters will burn themselves onto the page. The words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the pages, and finally, the book– it will dazzle everyone who reads it… You