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14 Possible Reasons Why Your Visitors Are Not Buying From You

Posted By wpnewsify 4 days ago on all - Have you ever heard of the “bounce rate” syndrome? The bounce rate is when visitors keep coming to your website but are not buying from you. In this article, we discuss 14 reasons your online business may be performing below its potential.

How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Website Performance

Posted By wpnewsify 5 days ago on all - We’ve listed some of the most widely-applicable ways to inspire action from your website visitors. Hopefully, they will help you improve your website performance and grow your customer base.

How to Choose the Right Conversion Rate Optimization Tool for Your E-Commerce Website?

Posted By wpnewsify 7 days ago on all - Are you having web traffic, but not enough revenue to show for it? Do you want to increase your eCommerce sales and revenue? With the right conversion rate optimization tool, you can fix any issues.

10 WordPress Plugins Using AI to Improve Your Website in 2020

Posted By wpnewsify 26 days ago on all - There are a growing number of WordPress plugins using AI and machine learning to improve performance and also offer great services. Here are 10 WordPress plugins using AI that would help.

WPForms Giveaway – Win 3 WPForms Pro Licenses and Build Professional Forms

Posted By wpnewsify 28 days ago on all - WPForms Giveaway – Win 3 WPForms Pro Licenses. We have a new giveaway on WP Pluginsify and a chance for you all to win 3 Pro licenses by one of the best WordPress form builders out there, WPForms.