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5 Ways To Maximize The Success Of Your Mobile App Design Project

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Having a brilliant idea doesn't guarantee the success of a mobile app. Believe me, we have come across some absolutely outstanding ideas that died out during the implementation stage. One step from great to funny   Make a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) In a Russian-language source, it is called USP (Unique Selling Point). A strong USP metric shows that your mobile app design services really stands out in the market. What are your actions? Define USP and inform users about it. But first, it is worth working out three important aspects: Competition. Find all your applications and compare their functionality according to the following criteria: Advantages and disadvantages Price Key features and value to users User reviews Small details (study the smallest detail that differs from the

Top 10 Key Features for a Two-Sided Online Marketplace

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - A two-sided marketplace, as the name suggests, involves two parties. One is for demand, and the second is for supply. When a trailer is listed on RVshare, it is a supply. And when you are planning a road trip across the country, it leads to a demand for a trailer. To build a marketplace website that will evolve into a proficient business, you should treat the needs of buyers and sellers equally.   The Most Desirable E-Marketplace Features to Today's Buyers In this article, I will provide five tips per each side that will absolutely make your platform far easier to use.   Easy and Intuitive Checkout Process Are you facing an unexpected abandonment rate on your e-commerce website? Probably the checkout is way too difficult and tricky. Here, you see tips that will help you optimize

Second-hand clothing websites that can really spruce up your fall wardrobe

Posted By MediaFeed on Blogging - Are you in the market for some cozy cardigans but don’t want to contribute to fast-fashion waste? Luckily, there are myriad ways to update your wardrobe …

4 Ways to Restore Deleted Posts or Pages in WordPress

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - WordPress is a nice platform that provides reliable stability 99% of the time. This is a content management system on the site. Roughly speaking, WordPress is a system that allows you to create a website and manage information on it. With the help of WordPress, you can add pages, posts, change the appearance of the site, and add all possible materials (photo, video, audio, etc.). Thanks to WordPress, the most daring ideas in the field of website creation are realized. That is, working with WordPress, you can create sites of any level of complexity. And most importantly, it is very easy to do this. However, mistakes are inevitable and no platform can avoid them. In most cases, it is quite easy to fix them.   Restore Deleted Post or Page in WordPress So, what if you accidentally delete

UX Design vs UI Design in 2021- The Differences

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Have you ever stopped to wonder: “what do those terms UX and UI mean?” Believe it or not, even people who deal with design daily can confuse the two. As UXPlanet explains it: “User Experience and User Interface are some of the most confused and misused terms in the field”. This is not a secret language that you can't get information on. Phrases such as “great UX” and “bad UI” of a design are not slang that others use. These are used to describe the two most important things that make a website a success – or a failure. If you wish to learn what the two mean and how they are different, you’ve come to the right place.   Defining UX and UI Let’s begin by defining what these two terms mean. UI, or user interface, is anything that users interact with wh