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As pricey as a big city: Home values in America’s most expensive towns

Posted By MediaFeed on Blogging - The town-and-country lifestyle is often depicted as simple, idyllic and inexpensive compared to big-city living — especially when it comes to housing costs. But is this …

Beat The Heat In An RV – 5 Easy Tips

Posted By InterstateAdventures on Travel - Beat the heat in your RV this summer with these 5 simple tips! Make boondocking more comfortable and enjoyable without a generator!
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Til Debt Do Us Part? Experts Offer Tips to Avoid Wedding Cost Sticker Shock

Posted By wealthtender on Finance - Marriage remains a major life milestone many spend years working towards. Yet, for many young Americans, fears of descending into debt are holding them back from walking down the aisle.  Couples can legally formalize their partnership through marriage registration or civil union. When it comes...

The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Life’s Unwritten Rules – Are You Making These 11 Mistakes?

Posted By theradicalfire on Finance - Have you ever wondered about the unwritten rules that control our interactions and behavior? “What are some of these unspoken rules that you believe everyone should know?” Join me as we explore the top-voted responses to this question. Discover the hidden codes of conduct and unspoken expectations that shape our social life.  1.  Getting on an Elevator The most upvoted comment in this thread is, “If you’re getting on an elevator, don’t stand right in front of the doors, it’s so rude. Especially in hospitals.”  Another user commented ... Read more

Boosting Adolescent Physical Activity

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - For fitness professionals targeting the adolescent demographic, understanding the motivations and deterrents of this age group is vital. Adolescence is a pivotal time in life when health habits are formed, and the right influence can pave the way for a lifetime of physical wellness. A recent study conducted in Galicia,...
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28 Thank You For Checking On Me Messages

Posted By ThankYouLady on Self Improvement - When someone checks up on you, you can respond with a thank you message to show your gratitude. The friend, family member, acquaintance, or coworker reached out because they care enough to be concerned about ...
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From Casual Dinner to Drama Central: The ‘Entitled Millennial’ Comment that Rocked the Room. Who Was Right?

Posted By mediadecision on News - At a recent family dinner, old-school jests met new-age sensibilities, resulting in an electric atmosphere that no one anticipated. In an online post that’s now...

10 Surprising Garage Sale Finds Worth Big Bucks

Posted By pjunktion on DIY - Garage sales boast treasures disguised as everyday articles. Seasoned bargainers know what to look for when perusing garage sales for loot. Below are ten instances of garage sale findings that gained individuals a generous sum of money, according to the internet. 1. The Hobbit  At a local estate sale, a neighborhood resident picked up a...
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The 10 Things Solo Travelers Should Never Do in a Ride-Share, According to the Experts

Posted By adimesaved on Finance - Street Smart Safety For Women Authors Joy Farrow and Laura Frombach say Ride-Shares are a quick and convenient way to get you to your destination ... Read More

Philodendron erubescens: Compete Care & Growing Guide

Posted By Davin on Home - Philodendron erubescens, with the common name of Blushing Philodendron or Red-leaf Philodendron, is a stunningly beautiful perennial member of the Aroid family (Araceae) with large, dark green leaves that have undersides of reddish-copper. It is truly a show-stopper as it climbs up a moss pole or spills over the sides of a hanging basket, showing ... Read more

Couples Cycling Together Increased Motivation

Posted By EbikesDirectUK on Outdoor Sports - We have observed a peculiar phenomenon - couples buy near identical bikes to go riding together. Doing some digging we have found a lot of neurobiological evidence to show why this might be the case - cycling together can give a boost to the love hormone oxytocin.

15 Strange American Practices and Habits that Canadians Just Can’t Wrap Their Heads Around

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - Regardless of the similarities between Americans and Canadians, there are still a few quirks that people living north of the border just can’t make sense of. From peculiar food customs to weird goatee licensing, here are 15 of the strangest ... Read More

“If Laughter Could Kill…” 18 Films That Just Don’t Care About Your Delicate Feelings

Posted By KindaFrugal on Finance - Ah, comedy! That sweet escape from the grind of everyday life. Yet, in today’s world, where everyone is a touchy keyboard warrior, these shameless classics ... Read more

“I Hate Working” A Worthwhile Alternative to a Boring Job

Posted By Facedragons on Self Improvement - Does the thought of having a work-life bring you down? Do you despair about a stressful workload, daily commute, or ...
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