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12 Best Stores To Find Affordable Furniture for a Comfy Home

Posted By theradicalfire on Finance - Providing a comfortable home for your family is always on top of every parent’s priority list. However, furnishing a home with quality furniture can easily cause unnecessary debt that wreaks havoc on your monthly budget. Fortunately, many places sell affordable furniture so you can give your home the relaxing atmosphere and stylish look you want.   ... Read more

Ultimate Tortola Travel Guide: Best Things to Do Even if You Are a Cruise Passenger

Posted By theimpulsetraveler on Travel - The British Virgin Islands, which comprises four main islands and 50 + smaller islands, is a popular place to visit for vacations and island hopping. Tortola, the main island, houses the British Virgin Islands capital, Road Town. Tortola is very popular for cruises and single destination vacations alike. With its...

Can German Shepherds Eat Turkey?

Posted By lisalightner on Pets - The German Shepherd diet is completely based on protein content as compared to fats and carbohydrates. A very good source of protein is a meat-based diet. Turkey is also a meat source. It has a reasonable amount of protein content in it. But the question is that: Can a German Shepherd eat turkey? Yes, The...

Invest in Water Stocks

Posted By dividendpower on Finance - The post Invest in Water Stocks appeared first on Dividend Power.
Water stocks are a unique class of utility equities. Water and wastewater treatment and service is often a municipal function. But in some cases, publicly
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15 Fun Things To Do in Cincinnati

Posted By karpiakcaravan on Travel - Whether you are building your summer bucket list or looking for stuff to do when visiting Cincinnati, OH, there is plenty to do in this midwestern city. You can pick from activities downtown, like seeing a game at the ballpark ... Read more

Every Nintendo 64 Switch Online Game Ranked

Posted By BossLevelGamer on Gaming - The Nintendo Switch Online service recently introduced a collection of Nintendo 64 titles. It’s only fair that we rank them.  Releasing in 1996, the Nintendo 64 saw many revolutionary titles across the console’s lifespan. Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda ushered in a new era of gaming. Many games released today owe features we […]
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Psychotic Parasites Are Destroying Us.

Posted By timomalum on Politics - The daily news is becoming too depressing to read. We're kept in a constant state of ever-increasing fear thanks to the irresponsible, immoral, and often insane behavior of the people we let run the world. We live on a planet that has everything we need for a peaceful life: food, water, natural medicine, materials for shelter, and amazing views that calm our souls. But we've been tricked into letting the worst among us, people who are possibly possessed by dark forces, take control of our paradise and turn it into a living hell. In a world where no one should be hungry, no one should feel hatred, and no one should fear the next day, we have millions living in poverty, scrounging for food in trash cans, numbing themselves with drugs & alcohol, and blaming everyone except the guilty for their situation. We're divided into an infinite number of groups pointing fingers at each other for every problem we have to endure. Meanwhile a cabal of wealthy, psychotic parasites live like kings, consuming all the Earth's resources and complaining when we dare to pick up a crumb they've mistakenly left behind.These parasites are so greedy and morally bankrupt they'll do anything to expand their power and wealth. Wars, famines, pandemics, and genocides have been their tools of choice, along with ample amounts of fear, chaos, confusion, ignorance, mind-altering substances, religious doctrines, fake science, and anything else they can come up with to keep us docile and quiet.We should be living in a time of spiritual peace. But instead we now face the very real threat of global nuclear annihilation. Government leaders, a mere handful of people among the billions who live on this planet, have created conflicts where none should exist. There's a war in Ukraine, and we're told it affects all of us. But it shouldn't. It's not our war. It's a war created by governments because of the demands by the psychotic parasites who think it will provide them with a bit more land, a bit more money, a bit more power. If they have to threaten to blow up the entire world, then so be it. These people are so insane they actually think they can detonate a few hydrogen bombs, do a bit of sweeping up, and live to see another day, just with fatter bank accounts. If a few million of us regular people die as a result, well that's just collateral damage.The fact that so many of us are caught up in this maniacal system and think it's normal is equally frightening. Let me be clear: there is nothing normal about the system we exist in. It's a corrupt, morally bankrupt system that needs to be ripped up by its roots so that something healthy can take its place.We shouldn't live in fear. We shouldn't have to ask for permission to voice our opinions. We shouldn't have to pay taxes that fund our own destruction. Our governments shouldn't be conducting psychological and medical experiments on us. We shouldn't be tracked and surveilled like farm animals. We shouldn't have to ask for permission to move from one place to another. We are born free, and we have the right to remain free. No government and no wealthy psychotic parasite should be able to take that away from us.But the madness will continue and the suffering will go on until we decide we've had enough. How bad must things get before we make that decision? I pray we come to our senses before it's too late.