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Bow Watch by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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"Into each life some rain must fall." ~ Ella Fitzgerald

Into Each Life

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Into Each LifeInto each life a little rain must fall. Especially when crossing the sound on a rainy day on the M/V Block Island

Into each life, some rain must fall, especially if your life is on an island ferry. Along with the rain come bow watches, wet windows, and rolling ships.

This is ferry and island life. The islanders and the crews grow accustomed to these sea conditions. Tourists will grumble with these conditions, but they need only wait. There is a clearing over the island fine on the starboard bow. But for now, the views of bulwarks and capstans forward are rain-covered. And we can tell you that they are playing jazz, perhaps Ella, at a c

21 Content Marketing Gadgets of the Trade To Make It Easy

Posted By Lisapats on all - o you want to do content marketing today? If so you must have the right content marketing gadgets to increase your reach and save you time along the way.

Content marketing is not for the faint of heart today. By gadgets, I mean tools —-> services, plugins, software, etc.

Digital gadgets that help you create and share content for your digital marketing strategy. Content Marketing, done well, fuels your digital hub by building a “content engine” to drive people to your business.

There are many moving parts and you will need many content marketing gadgets to get the job done well. And by the way, it’s a never-ending job. I’ve put together a list of some of my all-time favorites with some new ones just for you!

How to Use Content Marketing to Increase Sales in 2021

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - If you want your sales to boom, you need to get your brand noticed and make people talk about it. This truth was well-known to anyone since ancient times. From leaflets and public announcements to digital marketing technologies, marketing has always been changing to target specific groups of customers better. However, it’s the content that matters. The catchier and more informative it is, the more visitors you’ll convert into customers. That is why content marketing and content creation are booming in the era of e-commerce. Finding a great web content writer is not, however, a piece of cake. For example, you can be sure that you can find a great essay writer online if you go to EssayWritingService website. But skilled content writers are quite hard to find. Content marketing, which consis

Leaders, Are You Ready For the Post-COVID Exodus?

Posted By ArtisanAgility on Leadership - Over the past 180 months, people everywhere have been shaken to their core. An abundance of fear, uncertainty, isolation, sorrow and grief has taken its toll. The 2020-2021 COVID pandemic has left people around the world questioning what gives meaning to their lives. In a survey conducted in March, 26% of American workers said

Easing Along by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Easing AlongEasing in along the docks and throttling back preparing to dock in the Port of Galilee on a cloudy, rainy morning

When coming into port, especially on a cloudy day, one must throttle down and ease along. In Galilee (Narragansett, Rhode Island), this is sometimes easier said than done.

When one arrives in a port such as Galilee on a stormy day, there are often a few steps. First, when the swells are sweeping in from the south (as they were on this day), there are adjustments. The following seas mean that one is "playing" the wheel and throttles. Once in the breakwater, the seas can often peak a bit as the bottom shoals up a bit. Then once in port, the skipper is breaking down that little bit of adr

The Escrow Process Simplified – And How Long It Takes

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Is Content Still King in 2021?

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - If you are not new to the world of marketing or business in general, we bet that you have heard the phrase “content is a king” more than once. For years on end, marketers have been investing heavily in their content strategies to meet several purposes simultaneously: Drive market engagement; Initiate new conversations with potential customers; Build strong pipelines; Close deals. Looking at all the goals it lets you achieve, it becomes easy to guess why for so many years, we used to believe that content is the key element of every marketing strategy. But, with so many different proven marketing tactics and new trends emerging every year, is this still true? Can we still say that content is the biggest driving power of your business's success? Let's try to figure it out!  

We’re Holding Out For a Hero Named Peter Quill in Square Enix’s New Guardians of the Galaxy Game

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - During Square Enix’s presentation, they revealed the first trailer for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.  We’re Holding Out For a Hero Named Peter Quill...

12 Easy Ways for Teens to Make Money

Posted By PartnersinFire on Creative Lifestyle - With the high cost of keeping up with all the latest gadgets and trends we love, it’s nice to have a little income to supplement the cash flow that allows us to have the must-have extras we want.  If you are a teenager (or are a parent or guardian of a teenager), this probably means …
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A Country Drive by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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A Country DriveBright late afternoon spring sunlight filters through the trees highlighting a country drive in Rhode Island's South County

As a youngster, Sunday afternoons outside of boating season were for taking a drive. Though I am not that old, the drive was more rural. Driving down what is now a retail district was a drive in the country (what is now Route 2 in Warwick, Rhode Island).

On those Sunday Drives, we would pass various properties and farms. Looking out the backseat window, I was often enamored with the property's driveways. Some were straight. Some curved. Some fence lined. The term is, "character". These places had character.

So today, as I move about, I make note of rural settings.