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Hi there and thanks for your interest in joining the Blog Engage community. Blog Engage will distribute your blog posts by sharing them on Blog Engage, Twitter and Facebook. With our Direct To Front Page package we also submit your posts to Viral Content Bee, LinkedIn, Blokube, GuestCrew, and more.

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What Bloggers Are Saying

Brian Hawkins

Blog Engage has opened my eyes as to the real potential of networking and has helped me become a better blogger. Sure, the voting platform is nice but that's a very small part of everything Blog Engage has to offer. Blog Engage is a great community resource for all bloggers of all kinds.

- Brian D. Hawkins from Hot Blog Tips

Hesham Zebida

The Blog Engage service is the best solution for me as a blogger and website owner. With The Business Plus RSS Syndication I have a peace of mind my articles are being seen. My blog authority has increased since I started to use the syndication service and if you join, yours will too.

- Hesham Zebida From Famous Bloggers

Zac Johnson

Blog Engage is the perfect solution for anyone who has a lot of content on their hands and little time to manage their social media marketing. I would definitely recommend BlogEngage to anyone looking to gain more exposure to their blog and also connect with other well known bloggers in this space.

- Zac Johnson from Zac Johnson

Ileane Smith

I joined Blog Engage when I first started blogging. Being a member was very instrumental to the growth of my blog. I got to meet and connect with some of the most popular bloggers around and most of those relationships are still going strong today. Brian does a lot to promote the community and give bloggers all the tools they need to get their content shared.

- Ileane Smith from Ms. Ileane Speaks

Ryan Biddulph

Blog Engage is one of the premier blogging tribes on the internet. Brian Belfitt has developed a tight-knit, value-added community for everybody from aspiring to veteran bloggers. I visit Blog Engage daily to make friends, share value, boost my blog traffic and build my brand. If you are a blogger I strongly recommend joining Blog Engage today.

- Ryan Biddulph from Cash With A True Conscience

Enstine Muki

Blog Engage is a well filtered and active community of savvy bloggers. I have known this platform since 2012 and it has been an important source of business and traffic to my blog. Brian is readily helpful. That is what I loved most when I just signed up. I highly recommend it for every blogger wishing to expand and build a popular and profitable blogging career.

- Enstine Muki from Enstine Muki

Services Used By Blog Engage


Blog Engage Distributes your content using the Hootsuite technology. We take your content and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Facebook groups maximizing your blog exposure and traffic.

Buffer App


Buffer is an amazing tool that helps Blog Engage schedule distribution of your posts over any given time. This help maintain professionalism without overwhelming the Twitter and Facebook audience.

Viral Content Bee

I personally love Viral Content Bee as a part of the Blog Engage services package. It's an amazing way of increasing your tweets, retweets, like and facebook shares.

Viral Content Bee


With over 3000 subscribed newsletter users Blog Engage Creates, Manages and Distributes newsletter content for you, to our subscribers. This can be of your latest blog posts, e-books, services and so much more.


Direct To Front Page


per month

  • AuthorityWhen submitting or syndicating your blog posts to Blog Engage you naturally create authority for your blog. Blog Engage is a spam free community and is seen as an Authority within the Blogosphere. If you want your business blog taken seriously, you must submit to Blog Engage
  • Social SharingWhen you post a new blog article we will automatically share it within our social media circle, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more… We help you become social when you don't have time to, we will help build your online brand.
  • Youtube Video SyndicationBlog Engage will Syndicate your YouTube videos, Marketing them across all our platforms. Live real time video will be added into your posts allowing users to watch and easily visit your YouTube page. This helps gain video views, subscribers and more traffic. Your YouTube feed is syndicated for free in addition to your blog feed at no extra costs.
  • #Hashtag MarketingWe will #Market your post or latest #blog article on #twitter using targeted #hashtags to drive #traffic that converts into new readers. This is marketing done on twitter linking to your latest posts.
  • Facebook GroupsWhen your DTFP post is syndicated, it will also be shared into over 25 Facebook groups. This is a manual share process by Blog Engage and is a real hands on marketing approach. We take your content and share it into Facebook groups that have thousands of other bloggers. This is a new and cutting edge marketing system that will deliver results.
  • Blog Post SubmissionsIf you're looking to see traffic from new sources than our DTFP is for you. We submit your posts to Viral Content Bee, LinkedIn, Blokube, Bizsugar, GuestCrew and more.
  • Direct To Front PageWhen you submit content to Blog Engage it will be sent directly to the home page without needing the sufficient amount of votes as normal users need.