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Fridge Magnet

Posted By Mustards 691 days ago on Spiritual Blogging - So here I am blogging, striving to make something from nothing. This is literally what writing is, but it turns out that not everyone has the same idea of what writing is beyond this. For instance, I once came across a Medium article wherein the author pleaded with readers to follow his Instagram and like his selfies, worse still he had a fair number of followers—and this what Medium was all about, followers and endless articles about how to get them... and so we enter a death spiral. I'm not here to give advise, or even get followers. I am here to make something. Something that can make you, the reader, feel something. To me, this is what writing is suppose to be about. So with a bit of help with Blog Engage, I want to make my own medium and I hope you stick around to see what it becomes

Reasons to Live

Posted By Lulu 624 days ago on Spiritual Blogging - Amid the fear and the crazy social distancing that this pandemic has created, I started thinking about Anne Frank -- and some of the lines from the play, "The Diary of Anne Frank" about how she survived by thinking about nature. I had the luxury of at least walking through the park -- and I observed that life is still going on, in all its beauty and complexity.

An Introduction To Patanjali’s Eightfold Path Of Yoga

Posted By 99signals 1678 days ago on Spiritual Blogging - This article is an introduction to Soulful Arogya’s Yoga 101 series where we explore steps and benefits of beginner and intermediate level yoga asanas. Before practicing yoga, it is useful to understand the origin of Yoga and the Eightfold Path of Yoga as enumerated by Patanjali – the father of Modern Yoga. Our hope is that by gaining a deeper understanding of the roots of yoga, you will be able to appreciate this wonderful practice even more.