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My Wife Tried to Kill Me with Progresso Spicy Jambalya Soup [REVIEW?]

Posted By clifhaley 28 days ago on Humor - Beware. This soup is so hot it could burst into flame at any moment.
I think my wife is trying to kill me. That is the only explanation I can think of as to why she would inflict upon me such pain as is found in Progresso Spicy Jambalya Soup. The really cruel part of this horrendously hot soup is that it tastes really damn good. I couldn’t stop spooning it into my agonized mouth.
I like spice, but typically when you see a “spicy” version of something that isn’t normally spicy such as Progresso Soup you can expect the spiciness to be rather mild so as not to traumatize normal consumers. This jambalya doesn’t care one bit about normal consumers. It hates normal consumers. It wants to burn their faces completely off. Long story short, I loved it.
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Things Websites Need to Stop Doing

Posted By clifhaley 27 days ago on Humor - Below is a list of things websites need to stop doing immediately…

Putting important information and links in the footer on a site with infinite scrolling so that the only way you can ever get to it is to view source and directly copy the URLs.
Having a “support” system that is nothing but a bottomless FAQ pit of useless or outdated information with contact info that is virtually impossible to find. PayPal is notorious for this. Virtually every time I’ve had to use PayPal’s “support” system to figure out how to do something (usually cancelling recurring payments) the information¬† has not been updated after recent site updates so that either many of the links / pages it says to go to either no longer exist or have moved. Often (more often than should be allowed by a loving God) pages PayPal links to in their support documents are COMPLETELY GONE.
Utilizing incompetent AI chatbots. If you don’t have a live human available, get rid of the online chat option entirely.
Requiring a credit card for free trials. I get why sites do this (they’re evil) but they really need to stop.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) business model needs to f*&%ing die. This is the single worst thing to happen to software since the Atari 2600 E.T. video game.
Asking me if I want to receive their obnoxious notifications. You want to have an email newsletter sign up form? Great! You want to randomly invade my browser with updates no matter where I am on the web? Nope.

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