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10 Best Tools for Content Sentiment Analysis in 2021

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Jeff Bezos once said in an interview that Amazon used to send emails to their customers asking what they would like to see on the site other than books so that he could know which products Amazon should include in their offer. Without that feedback, Amazon might not be the world's leading online “superstore”, and this story just proves how important customer feedback is. Sentiment Analysis tools are designed to help your business access customer feedback by gathering customer engagement from social media, emails, or reviews. These tools can automatically “sense” the sentiment of customer interactions and tell you what kind of feedback your customers are giving to your business.   Best Tools for Content Sentiment Analysis So let’s take a look at best content sentiment analysis tools.   HubSpot's Service Hub HubSpot offers a wide range of marketing and customer service software products, one of them being the Service Hub. “This tool allows users to analyze survey results and get access to client feedback, but not just in terms of the number of positive and negative reviews, but also the overall client satisfaction rate displayed in charts and graphs.” – says Alexander Slonimski, Business Development Manager at Elinext. What’s great about Service Hub is that you can combine your customer relationship management tool from HubSpot and get all the responses from your contact databases. Maybe the best thing about HubSpot is that the whole interface is user-friendly, meaning that you can easily navigate through all of the conversations and even link your business e-mail to get only e-mails that are related to your company and customer feedback. Features Offers survey feedback Real-time customer interaction CRM integration   Brand24 The next monitoring tool on the list is Brand24. This tool has been around for 10 years now and it aims...

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