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10 Eco-Friendly Yard Tips That Will Save You Big Bucks on Lawn Care

Posted By planetnatural on Home - The English country garden has been personified and eulogized to such an extent in popular culture that it now remains a firm part of British mythology. However, with many citizens now opting to concrete over their natural land, the countryside is paying the consequences. There is now a campaign to ‘Rewild’ the United Kingdom, and landowners everywhere are letting their lawns fall into a natural state. This transition back into wildflowers, weeds, and shrubs supports ecosystems and improves the health of the broader landscape.  In America, maintaining an immaculate lawn is also a favorite pastime for many people. However, this comes at both ecological and financial costs. An online gardening enthusiast is sharing tips for an environmentally responsible approach to backyards that will save gardeners time and money. Here are some takeaways from a post where she discusses these ideas.  1. Think of Your Yard as Part of The Wild Firstly, our yards are like an extension of nature. Gardens are the frontier between habitation and the wild. By enacting small changes in your approach, you will attract a richer, healthier collection of creatures to your surroundings.  2. Contributing to The Ecosystem You may be proud that your yard is... Read more

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