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12 Ineffective LinkedIn Strategies You Need To Drop Today

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - LinkedIn is a valuable social media that offers professionals a vast pool of potential buyers, collaborators, and talent. Not only can you sell your product or service, but LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to become a credible authority in the industry.   That being said, selling on LinkedIn is vastly different from other social media platforms or traditional methods. Adopting an aggressive selling style that usually works on other platforms is not going to prove to be successful on LinkedIn.   However, this doesn’t mean that LinkedIn is not a viable platform for selling. In fact, using LinkedIn for sales can help your business generate more leads, increase revenue, and build long-lasting relationships.   Ineffective LinkedIn Strategies Are you struggling to navigate this social network? In this post, we’re summarizing some common LinkedIn mistakes undermining your credibility and social selling potential.   Choosing Unprofessional Profile Picture Image Source As previously mentioned, LinkedIn is not the same as other social networking sites like Instagram or Facebook. Therefore, a picture that you would use on your personal Instagram profile is probably not suitable for LinkedIn. Refrain from using a picture with your spouse or other people. Also, not having a profile picture is also not ideal. It conveys that you are lazy or you simply don’t care about your LinkedIn presence. Use a high-quality professional headshot—a simple picture with just you in it.   Skipping Header Image You have a decent profile picture. That should be enough, right? People perceive and remember images a lot more than text. Skipping header images would be letting go of an opportunity to make your profile stand out from the crowd. Make sure you upload a header image.   Underestimating Recommendations Since there are hundreds of millions of users on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to take...

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