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15 Resume Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - If you're looking for a new job, then it's very likely that your resume has become a top priority. Resumes can make or break your chances of getting the job you want, and they're not something that should be taken lightly.   Resume Mistakes to Avoid Here are some of the most common mistakes that can get your resume thrown away.   Presenting a Generic Resume We get it, it's the information age, and there's a template for just about everything. You need to remember that there are many different types of resumes for many different jobs. Your resume will only be successful if it's tailored specifically for the position in question. Besides, preparing a custom resume shows that you're serious about the job and that you care enough to make an effort.   Including References Without Their Permission It's polite to inform any contacts about your intentions to use them as a reference. This way, they can be prepared to receive any calls from potential employers or recruiters, and you won't come across as presumptuous. It can also backfire, especially when they have a problem remembering you.   Listing Achievements When You Can't Prove Them When you're listing your achievements, it's essential to have some facts to back up the information. For instance, if you state that you won a contest on how to write an analytical essay, it is necessary to list the year and the awarding body.   Incorrect Contact Information Job applicants include their contacts in a resume to make it easier for the company to contact them. So, if your email address or phone number is incorrect on your resume, that's just going to create more work for both you and the recruiter.   Omitting Past Accomplishments Your resume provides an opportunity to highlight your...

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