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15 Surprising Ways To Save Money on Moving Costs

Posted By peronalfynance40 143 days ago on Finance - If you plan to move soon, then you know how expensive it can be to do so. One of the best things you can do is plan for the move ahead of time because it reduces some of the stress. About a few weeks before moving, you want to contact and research different moving companies to get an idea of which company is the most reputable yet affordable. This is also a good time to research different schools and doctors’ offices in the new city or neighborhood you’re moving to. Here are 15 surprising ways to save money on moving costs. 1. Get Boxes From Local Businesses If you need extra boxes for packing your things, don’t spend extra money on boxes. Instead, you can get these boxes for free if you ask the staff at local businesses. Visit as many stores as possible and pick up as many boxes as you need. Make sure that you get boxes in a variety of sizes to make packing efficient for you. 2. Sell Unneeded Items on Facebook Marketplace To keep from having to take unnecessary items with you and save money on moving costs, you can sell these items on Facebook Marketplace. On this site you can sell things locally by having others pick up the items you’re selling. This also saves you money on shipping costs if you decided to mail out the items to customers. It is also a good idea to research the average prices of certain items so that you don’t charge too much or too little. Also, upload clear and high-quality photos with your listings. 3. Donate Unused Pantry Items To Food Banks If you have any unused pantry items, you can donate them to local food banks. This helps you have less to pack for the move while giving back to your community at the same time. When you donate the food, be sure to check expiration dates so that you bring the freshest goods. 4. Pack Some of The Heavier Items in Suitcases If you have a few suitcases, don’t let them go to waste. Use them to pack heavy items such as books and small home decor accessories. You can also use the suitcases to pack larger clothing items such as jackets and long skirts. If you have a small laptop computer, you can pack it along with the charger in one suitcase by itself. Hard shell suitcases might be better if you’re carrying your items a long distance. 5. Inquire About Moving Reimbursement From Employer Another way to save money on moving costs is to find out if your employer will reimburse you for your moving costs. Your employer might offer this reimbursement in the form of a relocation package or he might offer you a specific moving reimbursement package. If your employer has a relocation or moving reimbursement package, then you should find out which moving costs are included. 6. Increase Your Emergency Fund Another way to save money on moving costs is to increase your emergency fund a few weeks before moving day. This is helpful in not having to use your credit cards or deplete your checking account to pay for the moving costs. When you’re moving, unexpected emergencies can happen so these funds can assist with them. 7. Use Alternative Forms of Transportation If you can’t afford to hire a moving truck company or if you just want to save money, consider alternative ways of transporting everything to your new location. You can rent a truck and drive to the new location yourself. Another idea would be to pack everything in a storage container and having a professional bring your belongings to your new home. 8. Seek Out Moving Discounts You can shave off hundreds of dollars on moving costs by getting moving discounts. Some good sources of moving discounts are: AAA Groupon Small businesses that offer senior discounts, student discounts, and military discounts Atlas Van Lines AARP Costco Budget Truck Rentals 9. Prepare Freezer Meals Weeks Before The Move When you move to your new home, you’ll probably be too tired and busy with unpacking and setting up to cook meals. Instead of ordering pricey meals through food delivery apps, you can make freezer meals weeks in advance before the move so that all you’ll need to do is reheat them and enjoy. 10. Try To Move During Off-Peak Season A lot of families move on the weekends and during the summer months, and this means that you could pay more in moving costs if you plan the trip during those times. To save money on moving costs, it is better to plan your move during the fall and winter months or during weekdays. 11. Enlist The Help Of Friends And Family Instead of hiring a moving company to pack and transport items for you, you can get assistance from relatives and friends. It would be even better if those relatives lived in the new city you’re moving to because they can come down and help you move, and then once you arrive at your new home, they can help you get settled. 12. Use Blankets And Newspapers For Packing If you have old blankets and stacks of old newspapers, then you can pack your most fragile items with them. Here is a list of tips on how you should pack fragile items for moving overall. 13. Cut Off Unnecessary Home Services Early If you want to save money on moving costs, then it’s important to cancel your subscriptions to unnecessary home services at least a few weeks before the move. This keeps you from having to pay extra money in addition to your usual moving expenses. 14. Organize and Label Your Items This is important because when you don’t know which items are in which boxes, you run the risk of buying duplicates of items that you don’t need. This costs you more money than you want to spend once you arrive at the new home and set everything up. 15. Create A Moving Budget To save on moving costs, you should create a moving budget. Start by taking inventory of all of the items that you’ll need to move. From there, you can prepare a template that includes different categories of moving expenses such as transportation, packing supplies, and expenses associated with services you’ll need once you arrive at your new home. With these helpful strategies, you can save money on moving costs. If you’re relocating to a new city for career advancement, you can reduce the stress by planning an effective move to the new location.

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