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5 Ways to Throw and Host a Virtual Party & Celebrate

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - Social distancing and quarantine have changed the lives of people around the world in so many aspects. Maybe it was far beyond the imagination of us that one day we would have to stay away from our loved ones for their own good; to protect them. Many now miss social gatherings, meetings, parties, celebrations, seminars, etc. that once used to be an integral part of daily life in different ways. However, being apart doesn’t necessarily have to prevent us from partying! In fact, celebrating together during these times of isolation seems to be even more important than before. Rather than meeting each other in person, we can keep holding different events virtually and have the chance to connect with our friends and family members. Let it be a business-related meeting or a birthday party, going the virtual route helps us keep track of everyone around us. Hosting a virtual party is way more comfortable than what it may seem to be in the first place. All it takes is spending some time making schedules and using the proper technique for it. How To Host a Virtual Party? In the next paragraphs, we will go through five ways we can celebrate better in the current situation. Also, we introduce MEC, which is one of the best WordPress event calendar plugins for holding online events that comes with multiple additional addons for further functionalities. Remote Company Keeping employees engaged during lock-down time is the key factor in the success of businesses. Remote working doesn’t mean not seeing each other, and we should do our best to keep in touch with coworkers and spend some time socializing. The following list can give you ideas on how to throw a virtual party and let everyone enjoy it in the best way: Make It Special...

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