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7 Ways to Use WordPress to Enhance Your Business Website

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - WordPress is one of the world’s leading and most popular Content Management Systems. As of 2021, almost 75 million sites are hosted on this CMS. There's a reason for its popularity. It’s great for all kinds of websites; including a business one. It has a powerful template and plugin architecture using which you can customize your site however you wish.   Use WordPress to Enhance Your Business Website In this post, we look at 7 different ways in which you can better your business website on WordPress:   Keep It Secure Unsecure WordPress sites are prone to a ton of security issues and the possibility of being hacked. If your site access gets into the wrong hands, there's no knowing what kind of mess it could lead to. Good thing is, there are some solid ways to secure your WP business site, such as: Do run regular and automatic backups. You can use a ton of plugins for that. It will help you go back to the desired restore point in case the site gets hacked. Create a new account instead of using the ‘default admin’ account while creating content. Use a strong password that’s a mix of letters, numbers, and special symbols. Install a quality security plugin like Sucuri. Get rid of any old and/or obsolete installations on your hosting account as they are often prone to hacking. Always use quality services and perform regular security checks in a timely fashion to ensure top-notch security of your site.   Get the SEO Basics Right   TIP 1 Speaking of basics, make sure that when you’re writing a blog post, keep the permalink simple and readable. For example, instead of picking a link that reads like this: Go with something like this:   The second one is much...

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