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8 Quick and Easy WordPress Tips to Improve Your Website Security

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - A security update by Wordfence indicated that there were over 20 million attacks against half a million-plus WordPress sites in May 2020. The sheer volume of these attacks in that month alone confirms how vulnerable your site may be. This is not to mean that the WordPress content management system is not a safe place- it is. What makes it a juicy target for attackers is most administrators' failure to adhere to the necessary WordPress security best practices. How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Security Now, it's practically impossible to create and maintain a perfectly secure site. However, there are a few things that can help improve your overall security posture and reduce the risk of cyberattacks: Choose your hosting provider wisely Some time back, features and price were the key considerations when choosing which hosting company to go with. For most people, security came last, that is, if it made up in their list of concerns. But at a time when hacking has become so rampant, priorities have changed. Secure hosting should be your guide when choosing which hosting company to trust with your website. There are a couple of essential security features that you should look out for when picking the best WordPress web hosting providers in 2021. These include: Reliable server security Malware scanning Secure server capabilities- it should be SFTP secured. Check the type of SSL certificate too. DDoS attacks prevention (check whether it works with a CDN company, such as Cloudflare). Firewall protection Ability to reboot manually Secure the wp-config[.]php file The wp-config[.]php is a core file with critical credentials and connection information that WordPress needs to store and retrieve data from the database. This information includes the localhost, name, username, and password. The wp-config[.]php file is among the most targeted areas by malicious...

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