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8 Top Content Formats for an Effective Marketing Strategy

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - What's the most effective form of marketing available in this digital age? It isn't content marketing for sure. Email marketing remains a dominant form of promotional campaigning in social media and artificial intelligence in today's world. Surprisingly, emails have an ROI of 4400%, which is massively impressive! Though content marketing proudly comes second only to this traditional technique. Small companies that blog acquire 126% more growth than companies that don't publish any content. Now, is content marketing only limited to blogs and articles? That's a common misconception people often have. They think that only old-fashioned text-based paragraphs constitute content in the 21st century.   Innovative Content Formats for Small Businesses Doubtlessly, written content won't cease bringing you a gigantic portion of the digital audience. But people are slowly becoming more responsive to content accompanied by voice, images, and videos. So, relying exclusively on articles may prevent your company from leveraging future opportunities in its favor. Experiment with various media to convey your message to your audience. Since not everyone's interested in reading textual publications. Here are some trendy content formats you can try:   Gated Content This format involves offering certain portions of an asset for public viewing and locking the rest of it. For instance, allow anyone to study the first few ebook pages but restrict full access to the product. People interested in reading the full ebook can unlock it by revealing their contact information. Mostly, they'll subscribe by entering their email, and then the ebook sends to that address. This strategy brings high-quality visitors to your website and enhances the brand's SEO efforts. Some 80% of B2B companies lock their assets since it improves their list-building endeavors. Now, you can “gate” different sorts of content formats explained below.   Podcasts The new generation isn't a stranger to...

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