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Ash Tree Guide: What Is It + 15 Common Species of Ash Trees

Posted By planetnatural on Home - The ash tree belongs to the olive (Oleaceae) family of woody plants and is classified under the Fraxinus genus. It has between 44 to 66 species of large to medium trees, some of which are subtropical and evergreen. The genus is widely distributed across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. They were previously the most widely planted urban tree in the United States and are frequently utilized as shade, lawn, and street trees. You can identify ashes by searching for trees with opposite branching and compound leaves composed of clusters of 5-11 leaflets. Ash trees often have distinctive bark that differs depending on the species. Ashes are dioecious trees, which means that each tree only has male or female parts. If you don’t want the fruit/seed mess, you can choose male trees. Ash tree fruits are called samaras and resemble the winged seeds of maple trees with an oar shape. They usually occur in clusters on trees and hang there until late fall to early winter. In folklore and ancient Celtic, Greek, Chinese, and Norse religions, this tree represents protection, healing, balance, and rebirth. Is the Ash Tree Endangered? Due to ash tree disease and the emerald ash borer beetle,... Read more

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