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Boost Your Website’s Presence with These 5 White Hat SEO Tactics

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - If you know about SEO, you've already got one foot in the search engine ranking game. However, you can only completely immerse yourself in SEO when you understand that both good and bad practices truly determine you as a content developer. SEO is essential to get you traffic that is essential for your website's visibility. According to Statcounter, 55% of worldwide online traffic came from mobile users and 42% from desktop users. A good SEO practice allows these numbers to happen. Here's how you should practice these tactics:   What Is White Hat SEO? White Hat SEO techniques are those methods that closely follow a search engine's policies. These techniques ensure that your ranking improves on the search engine results page and gives your website a good reputation. A brief outline of these tactics are: You produce quality content You ensure your website is fast You are generous with keywords Your site is easy to navigate The opposite of white hat SEO is called black hat SEO. These techniques are deceptive. If you employ these techniques, you're trying to cheat your users and the search engine to get a high ranking. Once you understand the distinction between the two processes, it is easy to stick to whitehat link opportunities without feeling the need to be deceitful. White Hat Techniques to Implement Now that you understand the importance of having white hat SEO techniques. The next step is implementing them. Here's how you do this:   Put Users First When you're designing content, always make your users are a priority. If users are happy with your website, the search engine ranking will follow suit. Make your website easy to navigate by dividing your content and avoid clustering information. It further makes your website visible due to an increase in its accessibility....

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