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Fishhouse On Pier In Galilee by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Fishhouse On Pier In GalileeFishhouse on the pier in Galilee in the light of a late-day fog-covered sun

Fishhouse on the pier in Galilee in the light of a late-day fog-covered sun

A simple natural shingled structure of typical New England architecture. The Fishhouse serves an important function in waterfront life. This is the interface of the work onshore and the work at sea.

These simple buildings serve as the staging area of the "maritime adventure". "Maritime adventure" being an Admiralty Law and Marine Insurance term with ancient origins. This is where ice and supplies board the vessel.

The fish house is also where the lumpers will unload the fish for sale and auction. Seafood is often auctioned in an exchange like other commodities.

A simple structure with the great importance of bringing seafood to the plate. A functional service to the waterfront community.

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