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How to Grow & Care for Bermuda Grass – All You Need to Know

Posted By planetnatural on Home - Bermudagrass is a durable turfgrass valued for its excellent tolerance to heat and drought conditions and capacity to tolerate heavy use and recuperate quickly.  These qualities lead many homeowners to rely on this grass for its resilience.  But Bermuda grass’ climate requirements limit its widespread use. Depending on your use and region, bermudagrass may be a good choice for you.  Learn everything you need to know about Bermuda grass in this guide. What is Bermuda Grass? Bermuda grass is a turf grass variety commonly found in warm climates. While not native to Bermuda, it has an aggressive growth and can grow invasively, similar to crabgrass. This grass’s ability to grow, combined with its excellent drought tolerance and easy care requirements, makes it well-suited turf grass in warm locations in the United States.  This popular grass is favored in places that expect significant foot traffic, making it an excellent grass choice for pets, kids playing, or areas commonly used for thoroughfares or gatherings.  Being a sports turf, its selection for golf courses and athletic fields is a testament to its durability, leaving no doubt that it can handle anything thrown at it. Botanical Name: Cynodon dactylon Common Name: Bermuda grass Family:  Poaceae ... Read more

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