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Ice Cream Folk Art American Flag by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Ice Cream Folk Art American FlagA folk art or primitive art American Flag representation on the entry wall of a Block Island ice cream shop. The appearance is that leftover or scrap plastering lathing was used in its creation.

There is something about walking around Block Island in pre-summer. Pre-summer is when it's still spring but feels like summer. The air on Block Island still has a kiss of cool thirteen miles offshore.

In the "pre-summer" everything is fresh. The shopkeepers have cleaned their shops. Everyone shakes off the winter slumber. The greetings are robust. We can laugh with strangers who have become fast friends, united in our appreciation of the time.

As we notice that the scoops at our favorite ice cream shop are a little more robust, we stop for a moment. On a large pillar are photos of old steamships and the days of swordfish. Nestled in amongst them is a primitive flag representation, a symbol of uniting. We take note. Summer is almost here.

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